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Being a programmer for hobby and passion since I was a child, I periodically begin many programs, working first on one program, then on another one, according to inspiration of the moment. Many ideas get bogged down for lack of feasibilty, motivation or time. Sometimes it can happen that I become fond of a particular program so much that I decide to finish it, but it's not an easy job: even if an apllication is terminated and working, you need to test it for long periods to find all imperfections and polish it up from inevitable bugs that can emerge; then you must embellish it to make it presentable to everybody (not only the author), write a guide and many other small things, always minding that probably it will not be of interest to anybody. But, after having created a program that, in my opinion, works well and can be useful to somebody, even if a single person in the world will appreciate it, that's will be anyway an enormous satisfaction. This is why I made this humble site.

P.S: I apologize for my imperfect english!

List of programs

  • DrinkCompare 2.1 (freeware): a program who allows you to compare single files or entire directories eachother, useful for persons who make CDs or backup copies and want to test correctness of copies in comparison with original. Multilanguage!

  • Drink4 (freeware): try to align 4 pawns against the computer (it wins!)

Other strange things

  • MO6export : a way to export data from an old Olivetti Prodest PC128 or a Thomson MO6 to PC, using only the video signal.