A memorable day !!!             13th September 2001   

     The first time Lou comes in Saint Donato    


                               R. to L. :  Me and Lou ( " The Internet Man " )





                                 Me and Lou in Raffaella Moranelli' s house





     Top row R. to L.: Mrs. Gina Pezzuti ( Lou's wife ), Jason (Lou's son ), Mrs & Mr.Pezzuti ( Mr.Domenico Pezzuti is a cousin of Lou ), my sister Terry.





          Top row R. to L.: Jason ( Lou' s son ), Gina ( Lou' s wife ), Raffaella and Assunta Moranelli, Lucia and Giovanna ( they are  the two daughter of Raffaella ). On the low row R to L.: Lou and Frank ( Raffella's husband )




                             ( During a walk in the lanes of Saint Donato )