This is an old letter which was written by "Saveruzza" ( the real name  was Saveria ) and Peppino Artuso ( the real name  was  Giuseppe Artuso ) to my grandmother ( Teresa Viggiani ) and to my grandfather   ( Domenico Gabrielli ).  "Saveruzza" and "Peppino"  were born in San Donato di Ninea, they were great friends of my grandparents; they left San Donato around 1950 ( I don't know exactly ) and they went to Binghamton . Can you help me to find someone who belong to this family ?   My aunt remember that "Saveruzza" had a son who was a doctor :  Do you know who is he ?   In the letter you can read where Artuso' s family lived.


 In these two next pages you can read the content . The letter was written the 14th October of 1965.