The Équipe, our Speleological Team of Domusnovas (Sardinia Island), bears back march of 1995, to succession of an inside division to the Speleo Club Domusnovas.

    A group of seven friends, being Giuliano Lusci, Gianfranco Meloni, Massimo Gessa, Gianfranco Fais, Massimo Castello, Daniele Mei and Ivan Maxia, sharing the same objective aim and demands. Started to build together something, which for a Speleological Association can only be the finalities of exploration. Gathering all documentation and research up to date, decided to publicate it.

    In that same spring we decided to forward our application to unite and became supporter of the Italian Speleological Society, which was later communicated approved from the month of november 1995.

    In the course of these years, the Team inserts in their own register, more than 30 new caves and various cavity explorations of which some have already officially been registered, where results were very positive. For example: on Mucittu at the Abisso del Fungo, Dementis Street at the San Giovanni cave and the branch of the river inside the cave 112. With results of a certain importance we would like to mention in order, that Sa Foss’e Bucch’e Populu, the Vanessa cave, and the Abisso Padre Antonio Furreddu, are all explorations still in course.

   As far as activity is concerned for the near future, we have decided to concentrate all our energies towards these particular sites, with publication of all information in our possession with monthly articles of the activity in course. Being sure to completely inform and characterise each speleological group.

Equipe Speleologica Domusnovas