Shotokan Karatedo International Federation



Who are we ?




The S.K.I.F. was founded in the early 1970’s by Shiro Asano Hanshi,

and become later an international federation

with H. KANAZAWA Kancho joining in 1977.

Since the beginning of this federation, a lot of countries have joined

bringing the amount of affiliated country-members above 100 !


The spirit of SKIF also evolved throughout the years, and what was

in the beginning a small group of dedicated people,

soon became a large federation.

Thanks to the Japanese leadership, the technical level is kept high

and still progressing in Europe and throughout the world.


SKIF in Europe is among other Sensei, represented by :


*      Shiro Asano Shihan , European Chief Instructor – Great Britain.

*      Akio Nagai Shihan, – Chief Instructor Germany.

*      Rikuta Koga Shihan – Chief Instructor Switzerland.

*      Norio Kawasoe Shihan – Chief Instructor Austria.

*      Toshio Yamada Shihan – Chief Instructor of Kenyu Shoto Karate Association Italy

*      Nishiyama Sensei, Independent Intstructor, living in Sardegna, Italy


And also,

Masaru Miura Shihan, Chief Instructor Italy

            (a little different from SKIF World Fed.  ; Miura Sensei trains his “own method”)



Another important thing to put into evidence is the shortcut SKIF, that stands

not only for Shotokan Karatedo International Federation but also

for Shotokan Karatedo International Family.

This concept together with the concept of harmony are probably the most important

to the heart of KANAZAWA Kancho.

The concept of harmony in karatedo is not only involving the physical condition

and ability to perform the techniques, but also the harmony of mind and spirit

that is a goal to reach in karatedo and in everyday life to feel better

with oneself and with the surrounding world.