Rikuta KOGA Hanshi,

8th dan,

Technical Director of  Wa-go-Karatedo Kyokai asd


Rikuta KOGA Shihan


Technical Director of Wa-go-Karatedo,

Koga Shihan is an Expert formed in the same style as Master Kanazawa.

He is one of the most eminent representatives of the SKIF Europe.

Based in Switzerland, he also gives courses in Europe, South Africa and Israel each year.


After training , KOGA Sensei, is willing to forget the formalism of the etiquette, and enjoys taking time with the students.


Over the years, his Students have learned to like him not only be his high technical level and capabilities,

but also for his great humanity and true and faithful spirit of Budo,  without forgetting the “Shoshin o Wasurezu” proverb.


Biography :



Birth of KOGA Shihan in the prefecture of Fukuoka , Japan


Enters Kanazawa-City’s University, and practice Karatedo under guidance of NISHIMURA Shihan


1 Dan


Opens a Dojo in the compant where he works as Designer


2 Dan


Creates Shotokan Karatedo Organisation in Hong Kong


3 Dan


Leaves Hong Kong and comes to live in Switzerland


4 Dan and International Kata and Kumite Referee


Creates S.K.I.F  Switzerland and becomes Chief Instructor


5 Dan and his nominated General Secretary of S.K.I.F. Europe


Creates SKIF Belgium and his nominated Technical Director


6 Dan


Chief Instructor of SKISF (Switzerland), and

Technical Director S.K.I.F. BELGIUM (1981-2008)

Technical Adviser/Director S.K.I.F Israel

Technical Adviser/ Director S.K.I.F South Africa

Adviser to S.K.I.F Portugal and S.K.I.F Spain

Founder of S.K.I.F RUSSIA

He is also asked to give trainings in several different countries around the world.

SKIF Chief Referee in charge of

the Bali World Championships in 2000.

( In 2006 he decided to participate once again in the SKIF World Championships Senior Kata Category in Tokyo, and won the First Place ! )

8th  Dan and tittle of Hanshi