WA-GO-KARATEDO KYOKAI Activities - Attività


The Courses  - I corsi :


Koga Shihan runs many courses in Switzerland, but KOGA Shihan

gives also :


*      Courses within Europe  - in Europa :


Every year there are :


*      Several courses with / diversi corsi con KOGA Shihan



- a “summercourse in Switzerland – campo estivo in Svizzera -

with Koga Shihan, Kawasoe Shihan,

And 2 Japanese guest Instructors



*      Courses with “home” Sensei’s

We -of course- also have technical seminars


*      Courses for judging

We also have judging courses to maintain the level of our judges


*      Courses for juniors

Different courses are organized to motivate

our youth which represent our future


            Instructor Angelo Tona assisting the Sensei’s during a juniors’ class



The SKIF Competitions and International Events

Le competitizioni ed eventi internazionali :


Competitions should never be the main objective in Karatedo.


Funakoshi Sensei himself did not like the competitions because

of the natural effects they bring and the changes they might inflict

to the original spirit.

Nevertheless, SKIF has competitions for all levels thanks to the SKIF gradual system

 that organizes the progression of people in harmony with their age,

physical aptitude an of course their level in Karatedo.


Our students of course also participated throughout the year, to several competitions, courses

and  meetings, under the leadership of qualified Japanese

and European Instructors, and that are

organised by recognised SKIF Country-members.