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Cybernetics & computer

This is the Mancini Domenico's Web Page

This page wants to be a meeting point for link exchange, documentation, books, notes and how much other is able to concern the unusual uses (for our days) of the personal computer, microprocessors and various hardware.

Have a good fun !

Psst... Hey... If you have an interesting site (inherent the matter), send it to me with an e-mail and I will insert it in the list.   Thanks.

The first six link...

Hardware autoconfigurante  You think that a dollop of chips doesn't have the selfprogramming ability? Click here and you will tremble... 
Tartarughe biocibernetiche  A small island of history for the one who it has nostalgia of the simplicity (for the today's times) of the past years robots. 
Robotics and Electronics Cooperative Home Page - M.I.T.  This is the homepage of American students where you can find useful information on component hardwares. 
Mr Shapiro and the motion control art  Mr Shapiro teaches you the art of the control of the movement. Unusual applications with the firm eggs!!! (discontinued) 
CYBUG  There is here an electronic coleopter. The site however it is a little bit commercial. 
Piattaforma fototropica mobile  There is here a base phototropic, but there are electric schemes and explanations. 
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