back to The Land Open Project Higher estates of mood - by Kaz Raad, Usa, May 2001.
Higher Estates of Moods is an interactive installation piece focused on
urban landscapes and the effect they have on consciousness and mood. It is
displayed in an enclosed and elevated structure with wind blowing upward
to emphasize the elevation and cancel out other sounds from the exterior.
Computer generated original representations of urban landscapes are split
into three parts (bottom, middle, and top), and the viewer initiates the
display. Two modes of interaction are offered to the viewer: chaos and
order. Should the viewer pick "chaos," the scenes are displayed randomly
(the top, middle, and bottom may be from different scenes, but they are
shown together). Picking "order" will display all three portions of one
scene. When shown randomly, the viewer is often inundated with contrasting
images and sounds. When displayed in order, however, the viewer has an
opportunity to discern the various themes that constitute the landscape