back to The Land Open Project AmsterdamEditions* - by Xavier, Vincent Makowski, Bastien Hild,... , WWW, in constant progress.
AmsterdamEditions* is a collective website aiming to gather works by net artists,
poets, graphic designers, performers, musicians,... The contacts between the artists
don't take place in "real life" but through e-mail, icq communication.
The website's name itself refers to free thinkers books (such as Jean de Lafontaine's ones)
which mentioned "published in Amsterdam", in order not to be geographically located.
The works presented on AmsterdamEditions* are mainly web or rather internet specific.
One of the works in particular (which is shown in the residencies module)
questions with humor rural life, new technologies and contemporary urban hype.
It is called "the New Ruralists" (named after the New Realists : Arman, Klein, Spoerri, Cesar, Tinguely, Hains,...).
This in progress work is by Xavier Makowski and Aurelie Peyron .