Unfortunately the manga Alichino is still unknown here in Italy, it's at number 4 in Japan for now and I hope someone will   publish it here. What made me fell for it were the drawings, so beautiful and meaningfull at first glance. So I looked around to get to know the story, up to arrive to have different information, pages of the manga and the order of the manga  (but when will they get here, when?)

Let's begin with the story of this manga (No wonder I loved it as soon as I got to know it, I'm really fascinated by demons, angels and stuff like these... My devotion to Angel Sanctuar, is a good example of what i mean)

The story begins with a girl that speaks to Tsugiri, the main character of our manga, and asks him whether he is a human or an Alichino. She thinks the boy is a demon because of his beauty. According to the legend,  Alichinos are devils named in Dante's Inferno.They eat human hearts that they subdue with their unbelievable beauty. Afterwards we'll find out, the girlis looking for an Alichino because her brother, that had told her about having seen one of the demon,is now  in coma.

She'll give her heart in exchange for the life of her dear brother. The girl is  convinced that is a demon fault if now the brother's life is in danger. Tsugiri rebukes her that she would have stayed at her brother's side... in fact, as soon as they get back, the boy is dead. Pain is so strong to cause an Alichino to show at her side. Demons can take possession of the people's soul with a weak will .

Tsugiri knows well what the Alichino main purpose in life is, so he follows the girl. 

The demons have some meaning to him, they're more than a legend. In his past, in fact, he got to know them.  Tsugiri has a flash back that takes back him to live part of his past. He  sees Ryoko, an adventurer that is always followed by an owl that is an Alichino called Myoubi. Why are they so close? 

In  the volume, besides,  appears Rashka, a woman that says to be madly in love with Yui, to chief of the town demonica

The tale is also centered on the search and the attempt to take possession, by different characters,  of Kusabi, that could defeat Alichino and tha could, if owned by them,  make them immortal.


 notes : I read the translation of the manga, but I don't understand Japanese, so I read the French and English ones. I'm not that fond of my French though '^_^, so it  is possible, that  there are  inaccuracies in the story. I apologize... as soon as I will have the original volumes, I will be able to write the story with extreme precision, so the work will be easier...a lot easier' ^_^. Belial