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Leonardo Da Vinci

Drawings ALBUM
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Possible Self-Portrait, c. 1513 Study of a Tuscan Landscape, c. 1473 Study of Arms and Hands, c. 1474
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Five Characters in a Comic Scene, c.1490 A Grotesque Head, c. 1504-7 Study for the Head of Leda, c. 1505-7
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Study for the Kneeling Leda, c. 1505-7 Old Man with Water Studies, c. 1513 Vitruvian Man,
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Peter Paul Ruben's copy of the lost Battle of Anghiari, c. 1603 Study of a Figure for the Battle of Anghiari,
The Christ Child with a Lamb 
Pen and brown ink and black chalk 21 x 14.2 cm
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A copy made by an apprentice of a da Vinci painting which never dried  - 1400's Charcoal on whitePaper Head of a Young Woman; Accademia, Venice Virgin and Child with the Infant John the Baptist and St. Anne - National Gallery, London - sketch for the Madonna and Child with St. Anne and John the Baptist, often identified as the Burlington House Cartoon. Leonardo's later treatment of the same subject (without John the Baptist) is in the Louvre.
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Virgin and Child with the Infant St.John the Baptist and St. Anne (Detail)      Drawing of the Face of an Angel (1400's)   Portrait of Isabelle d'Este  (1400's)  
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Self Portrait   (1400's) Study of an Old Man's Profile   (1400's)  Study of the Heads of an Old Man and a Youth (1400's)  
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Woman's Head (1400's)
Rearing c. 1483-1498Red chalk 15.3 x 14.2 cm  Windsor Castle, the Royal Library

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Leonardo Drawing in Versione "Power Point"
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Leonardo Drawing

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