Questa non ha l'ambizione di essere una pagina stilosa , è semplicemente il tentativo di comunicare ciò che io sento   .......sono sicura che una pagina scura e cupa non ti sarebbe piaciuta

This has no ambition to be a page stylish,is simply the attemp communicate what i feel   .....dear I am sure that you would not love a page dark and gloomy


A Titia

Ti piaceva moltissimo inventare storie e lasciare spazio alla  fantasia, sei sempre stata ironica e divertente, piena di fede e serenità.  Sapevi aiutare ,sempre con garbo e gentilezza, è una dote rara.  Il tuo grande talento  artistico ha lasciato a tutti delle immagini indelebili .                                                  

Ti porterò nel cuore amica mia


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To Titia

You'd love to invent stories and leave room for imagination, 've always been ironic and funny full of faith and serenity.Did you help,always with grace and kindness,is a rare gift. Your artistic talent left to all of indelible images.         

I'll take you in my heart mine friend  
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E' difficile esprimere quello che hai lasciato nel cuore e nel ricordo degli amici...............

It 'difficult to express what you have left in the hearts of friends........................



You'd love to invent stories and leave room for imagination, 've always been ironic and funny full of faith and serenity.Did you help,always with grace and kindness,is a rare gift. Your artistic talent left to all of indelible images.
I'll take you in my heart mine friend

Titia had a passionate love for life 
We in turn loved her generosity of spirit,
her magical world of fractals and her 
kindnesses and encouragement when we needed it. 
I often emailed Titia and asked her to give me lessons on how she created her fractals and the beautiful gradient coloring. Titia gave me some pointers, but always said it is perceived more than one can be taught.  Now she is enjoying the beautiful, indescribable colors in Heaven.  Goodbye my fractal friend. 
Very sad news indeed when a friend goes, specially a person like Titia.
We shall all miss her so creative art and soul for sure. 
My condolences to her family and good friends.
 God bless you!
Margit Farewell Titia - I say good bye to a friend ... Titia, a wonderful friend for a long while. I will never forget you Titia ..... all my thoughts go to you, Bianca and Chris now
Dear Friend, you will be sorely missed. Our loss is heaven's gain. I'm sure the angels are enjoying your fractals.
Titia,I shall miss you and your beautiful art. but you have no pain now.
Condoleance for your husband and daughter.
Big hug
Will and Ed Algra
We shall always remember Titia with warm feelings.  She was so strong and faithful.  Her fractal creations were fantastic and most of them were colorful in a very characteristic way, always a source of happiness for our whole fractal community.  She had many misfortunes in her life but unceasing she tried to conquer them with an optimistic mind and with hope and confidence in her Creator.  Titia has enriched our lives and those of many other people.  We're grateful that we got the opportunity to meet her on January 31st.  When she saw our sorrows she consoled us with: "Sure, it will be well, all will be well". 
 We shall miss Titia, may she rest in peace
I never met Titia in person but I felt like she was a good friend.  Her fractals touched me deeply and just when I needed it most she would post one that spoke to me on a very personal level to give me hope or comfort.  When I would write and tell her what that fractal had meant to me that day she always responded.  Titia, you were a wonderful and unique person that taught us all how to live life to the fullest and how to accept death with grace and dignity.  I'm so thankful that you are free of pain but your passing has left us with pain and a void in our lives.  But we will take lessons we learned from you and go on and will do good things to honor your life.  My deepest sympathy to your family.
Andre Vandergoten
Titia ...zo'n fijn iemand , uiterst kuntszinnig met veel talent ,
een waar verlies.
Veel moed voor jullie gewenst.
Sometimes in our life we meet a special person ; and Titia was such a person to me . I`ve known her for many years and I`ve always admired her ,as an artist but also as a dear friend who was always ready to help with problems I had with fractals but also with personal things . I`ll miss you dear friend !
Mij condolences to Chris and Bianca.
LadyA I did not know Titia, but her work was exquisite. The world has lost a little piece of Heaven...God's Speed, Titia
Rodolfo Ciminelli
Without doubts Titia, was an artist of the unique splendid and creative artist of fractal.  
Their designs had a great artistic quality and their palette of colors was brilliant and surprising.  
We will miss their works and their friendship.
Lea I "met" Titia through her art at Renderosity.  We noted back and forth there from time to time and again at Deviant Art. 
Her spirit was bright and she showed amazing talent in her art.  Her greatest legacy is that she showed us how to live in the midst of dying.  Her courage, her love of life, her faith will remain with us.
My heart goes out to her husband and daughter.
Many blessings
Thea Verkerk
I heard the sad news that Titia has died. She was one of my favourite
fractal artists and her art inspired me a lot. I think she was someone who
could really express who she was in her fractals.
Her website  touched me deeply, she was a very brave and wise woman and she
coped with all the difficulties of being ill in a very strong way.
I want to express my condolances to her husband Chris and her daughter
Bianca and all other family and friends
She will live on in her art.
Merren I also knew Titia well, and am poorer for her passing.
Go well, Titia. You will always be remembered.
Although I never met Titia in person as the distance was too far from the other side of the world, but I felt that I knew her through her beautiful art. Her wonderful fractals were a great inspiration to me and her sense of colour was amazing. You will be sadly missed my friend by everyone.
Günter we have lost one of the best and most creative fractallist ever and a fine and strong person.
thank you for your wonderful work and friendship- i will miss you.
Carin I didn´t know you in person,but still I admired your artwork
and find such a joy and happiness and also peacefulness in it.
Thanks dear Titia for all you share with us  with your wonderful fractalwork.
Hope your heaven are full of nice colors,warmth and peacefulness!

Titia taught me life and love of life. A true Lady. I will miss her. Haven waits no more.  With love

Margit Farewell Titia   I say good bye to a friend Titia .... a wonderful friend for a long while.I will never forget you Titia  All my thoughts go to you, Bianca and Chris now
Henny I enclosed all these hugs and kisses for you from your friends here at Renderosity, inside of balloons and hope they will reach you. I miss you wonderful lady!
Dearest Titia,your soul's beauty and your love for life is reflected in your art.Wondrous light,  vivid colors and dramatic movement are hallmarks of your wonderful art- always incredibly beautiful and life-affirming.  You were always kind and loving towards me, and- though I never had the pleasure of meeting you in person,I feel I have known you for many years, primarily through your art, but also through the few brief exchanges we've had. I believe you are a pure soul with a strong, courageous and faithful spirit..and I believe you are in paradise, enveloped in warmth and love and beauty we can only imagine.  Farewell, lovely Titia.I love you.
Anna Titia was special.
She was among my best loved fractal artists since ever, I knew her since years on deviantArt, and I love her art.Titia was unique.
She had such a hard life and yet she was always so positive and full of  living joy... and that joy spread through her wonderful fractals. I'll miss her so much.    Bye, sweet friend.
Susan .....and anyone that knew Titia at all- Knows that indeed they are...
Prayers and thoughts with you all!



"I know you fought a long hard battle against cancer
We knew you for your artistic talent. You had a flair that no one else could  ever match,you are loved and admired by many and you always will be. Know your work will go on to be admired by
millions of people, with each movement on your hand you accomplished more for your love of art then some of us can only imagine
 Rest In Peace Titia, you will be lovingly missed
RedversKing Her talents will be sadly missed, as will her bravery in the face of adversity. Rest in Peace dear lady.
Joey Titia is a beautiful soul, I am so fortunate to have known her and her
fabulous FE work. Some time ago I created a fractal mandala and then an
animation from it for her. I will always think of her when I view this page and I
hope you all will as well.
I knew Titia for 10 years and we shared many conversations and images...I was always impressed with the delicacy of her artistry and her use of color....
In spite of her illness she always showed a zest for life that many fail to attain....
She is at  peace now and I am sure she is tracing delicate images on her new spiritual journey
Lea To be an angel, one need not have wings. In giving love there is an equal grace.Nor need one seek the aura in the face, As love unveils the beauty of all things.


Volavi oltre questa finestra................grazie

 You fly beyond this window............ ...thanks




 Created in honor of Titia


Merren Günter Margit


Linda RedversKing Anna
Susan Tracy