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Carlo Monticelli Cuggiò is:
-Artistic Coordinator of the center-south of Italy for the Song Ching Ling Foundation of Shanghaj.
-Artistic Director of the New Italian Straussian Philharmonic Orchestra
-President and Artistic Director of the"National Academy of Neapolitan Songs and Operetta".
-Artistic Coordinator of the Music Sector for the F.I.D. ( Federazione Italiana Danza )
-Member of Jury at the EPTA ITALY ROME International Competition, 2015 and 2016
-Piano teacher and Accompanist

Carlo Monticelli Cuggiò was:

-Founder and Director of the National Rhythmical-symphonic Youth Choir and Orchestra, after became "the National Rhythmical-symphonic Youth Choir and Orchestra ".
-Founder and Director of the Multiethnic Polyphonic Choir “Daniele Manin”, after became the Multiethnic Polyphonic Choir of Rome.
-Creator and Artistic Director, for 2 editions of the "Festival of Young Music" and for 13 editions of the National Youth Event "We ... Actors!!"
-Creator and Artistic Director of the Multiethnic Festival of Rome.
-Creator and Artistic Director of the International Piano Competition  “Città di Anzio” 
-Artistic Director of the International Opera Competition " Città di Sermoneta ".
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