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The "Processione del Venerdě Santo" is the most loved among the traditions in Savona. It is an event, which of its kind, is among the most important in Italy: it takes place late in the evening on Good Friday every two years, and dates back to before the years 1500. Monumental group of carved figures, of great artistic value (called "casse") are carried shoulder high through the centre of the city, by volunteers who are members of the various fraternities. The "casse" were made by artists-sculptors belonghin to various schools: Genoese, Neopolitan, Roman, Savonese… The groups of figures which have survived the centuries are marvelous evidence of sacred art from the the XVI century up today
It is the procession of the Misteries of Christ's Passion in which is assimilated - in the silence of every spectator and the painful effort of every portaker - the totally of the Sacrifice made by the Son of God for the salvation of humanity.
It is "Pain" itself which winds through the most profound sentiments of whoever is present. But this spiritual intinerary cannot finish whith the Good Friday Procession, but whit that of Easter Sunday: with the "Processione del Cristo Risorto".
The Processione del Cristo Risorto which takes place in the morning on Easter Sunday, is not an appendix to that of Good Friday, but is the true conclusion to the procession of the Mysteries. It is theologicalliy and spiritually, the necessary conclusion of the first. Because S. Paul writes "If Christ is not resurrected, then your faith is in vain".


Formerly the Chiesa della SS. Annunziata, wich holds frescoes by G. Galeotti and G. S. Robatto, then valuable wooden stalls of Nordic production (XV century), a sumptuous alter dating back to the XVII century and two group statues to be used in the procession ("Annunciazione" by Maragliano and "Deposizione" by Brilla).

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