Fiume, an Italian town

What this site is about? about the town called "Fiume" in the past, now inglobated in Croatia, where 50.000 inhabitants of Italian origin were compelled to run away as refugees after WW 2, and spread all over the world, many in Argentina and Australia, never forgetting their country, but forgotten by their homeland Italy; the site showing original documents and images and speech, obviously in Italian, many about the family Mittrovich. Now only 3.000 Italians are remaining there.

Welcome to a town existing only in the minds and souls of 350.000 refugees and their descendance.

A message by Maria Pravdacich, Australia:
Thank you for this site on Fiume. I thought that Fiume still only existed in the heart and the mind of my father now I realise that Fiume still exists in the hearts and minds of alot of people. My parents are originally from Fiume, Italy but haven't been back since they left many, many years ago because the city they love no longer exists the way they remember it. I visited Fiume (Rijeka) a few years ago and found no evidence of Fiume, except for when I visited my unty who is now in her eighties. Most of the croatians who now inhabit the city deny that Fiume ever existed and the ones that do acknowledge it say the city is much better off ruled by Croatia, which left me feeling confused and angry. So thank you again for bringing this information to Fiumani all over the world. Grazie. Di una fiumana che vive in Australia.

Fiume italiana o Fiume d'Italia,

FIUME, ISTRIA, VEDUTA ORIZZONTALE DELLA CITTA' E VICINANZE DI FIUME, FINEMENTE INCISA SU ACCIAIO, delineata da Rieger e incisa da Ahrens. Cm 28 x 20 effettivi, margini esclusi. Data 1852, con dicitura in italiano alla base, é circondata da 8 altre piccole e belle vedute di particolari, anch'esse con diciture in italiano e assai finemente incise.

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