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Chievo West Side

Forza Ceo, anche Bologna ti ama!

Friends of Chievo

In this page we want to thank all the visitors of the web site from all over the world. We have received emails from many countries, including Romania (hello Andrei!) and Israel (hello Carmel). You can send us a picture of yours or your favourite image related to Chievo. Add a paragraph or a greetings describing yourself and how you became a fan of Chievo... you will then be a real Friend of Chievo!!!.

Matias from Uruguay

Place:Uruguay, URUGUAY
Friend of Chievo since:January 2009

Mario from Malta

Place:Malta, MALTA
Friend of Chievo since:January 2007

''Seguo il calcio da molto tempo e ho trovato questo sito internet. Non ho mai saputo del Chievo prima che arrivasse in serie A. Sapevo che esisteva l'Hellas Verona, e che era stato Campione d'Italia qualche decennio fa. Erano i tempi di Fanna, Elkjer, e dell'allenatore Bagnoli.

Desidero augurare alla società e alla squadra molto successo. Cerco con ansia ogni domenica la schedina per vedere che risultato fa il Chievo. Mi esulto quando vince. Forza Chievo.''

Andrei from Romania

Andrei from RomaniaAndrei's pic of Chievo
Place:Bucarest, Romania
Email:andrew_pelisier (at) yahoo.com
Friend of Chievo since:March 2006

''You all know that Adrian Mutu played for Hellas 5 years ago. Well, when Mutu is on the field the televisions from Romania make everything to broadcast the match. It was a Chievo-Hellas derby and Mutu was there (I'm no fan of Mutu) and I watched the game and found out very interesting things about Chievo like the poorest team in Serie A and they were on top of the table for some while. And the fact that Federico Cossato scored a double in that game and Chievo won 2-1 it was another thing that made me support the team.

Last year I was horrified on the idea that Chievo would relegate; it was a bad season for the team. I thank on this way to the president Campedelli for the fact that he sacked Mario Beretta. I see that Mario this season started to win 2 or 3 consecutive games for Parma. I'm happy for him and I'm happy for Simone Perrotta. I'm a little disappointed regarding Nicola Legrottaglie, from Juve to Siena it is a set back for him. I think one day del Neri will come back because here he made his reputation as a coach.

It is a lot to say regarding Chievo, a team that has the spirit of football and fair-play in the heart. Thank you again and let's hope together that Chievo will qualify for Europe next season and play Rapid Bucharest (my favourite team from Romania).

Bye Bye and don't forget FORZA CHIEVO!!!!!!''

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