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Chievo West Side

Forza Ceo, anche Bologna ti ama!

Chievo in English

This web page is a tribute to the football team of Chievo. This is the place where dreams come true, for the team is now playing for the sixth time in a row in Italian Serie A, which is undoubtedly remarkable for just a tiny neighbourhood! Moreover, in the last season the team has even made it to UEFA Champions League. Unfortunately, Chievo did not reach the main stage of the competition, but it was still a great success for the team.

There are several reasons why people from all the world may be interested in Chievo, and the fact that it has played in UEFA Champions League is just one of them. Some of you are also fascinated by the possibility that a small team can actually compete with the monsters from the big cities throwing huge amounts of money into football. But some of you could also be curious about Chievo simply because your favourite player is now in this team. We know that many Polish visitors have an interest in Chievo now that Kamil Kosowski has joined us... let's hope that Chievo and Kosowski help each other on the way to success! and if you want to help the quality of the information on this web site, don't hesitate to contact us and send your opinion on the player or the team.

Of course, we are also continuously expanding this space. So, whether you are looking for the latest news or the history of the team, just send us an email right away! We will update the page as soon as possible with all the information that you have requested, so that this page will soon become the right place for all international supporters of Chievo and football lovers like you.

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