Ivo Barnabò Micheli

Born in Brunico (Bolzano), Sud Tyrol, Italy  the 29/01/1944.
Graduate at the University of Rome for Literature and Philosophy.
Further Studies at  the Institute for Sociology  and Communication of Frankfurt (Germany).
Teacher, Journalist, author of documentaries and fictions.


a German poetry of the 19th century,

“Pier Paolo Pasolini 70” ,
first portrait of anoutsider,

“Parliamo tanto di me: Cesare Zavattini”
Cesare Zavattini, the father of the Italian “neorealismo,

 “Heinrich Böll” ,
A portrait of a modern, provocative, German writer,

 “Bruno Ganz: il mestiere di attore”,
portrait of an actor,

“Incastrato”  ,
a  portrait about the Tyrolese Poet Norbert Kaser, 1982

 “A futura memoria: Pier Paolo Pasolini”,
One of the the best portrait of a modern, provocative, Italian writer & film director,
Price “A. Grimme” , Germany, International film festival Bilbao, Locarno,
Valencia, Firenze & Annecy

 “I giorni dell’avventura: Roberto Rossellini”
”The days of the adventure”,
Film Festival Venice

“Giuseppe Primoli, 8x9 Reflex” ,
an Italian Pioneer of the Photography,

Films between documentation & fiction

 “Eppur si muove”, (It moves!”),1989
Docu-fiction about Galileo Galilei, with Mario Adorf

Festival “Europe Cinema”, Viareggio.

 “Mila 23”: Once upon the Danube”,
Docu-fiction, 2888km along the Danube! Venice festival,



“Troppo di niente: Sardegna” , a miners world in Sardinia, 1973 
”Le donne sono la metà del cielo”
, a fight of a Woman and a Priest in oneslums of Rome, 1974
on the revolution front, against Etiopic, Festival Internaz. Mannheim, Cairo,1976
”Trance africana”,
the origine otf the trance on the Ethiopian tableland and in Sudan, 1978
”Il re divino: una storia africana”, 
a travel along the Nile, to discover the Sbilluk Volk, 1979
”Roma Antica “ ,
guildes, trades and crafts by the antique Roman, 1983
”Gli ultimi giorni dell’umanità”
a  theater performance based on texts of Karl Kraus
director Luca Ronconi,1991

”Timbouktu 52 Jours”, 
a trip to discover a mythological City Timbouktu,1995
Cividale European Theater Festivalvoices of the underground 2000

All films are in DVD Pal  format, in original language (German/Italian) without subtitles.
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