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Christian Midis
for Charismatic Groups

last update
September 1st
, 2002

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Words and musics of these songs are copyrighted by Integrity's Hosanna! Music, USA
and by Servizio Nazionale della Musica e del Canto, Italy. The related MIDI arrangements are programmed by
Carmine Romano.

Music is a God's gift
and its most noble aim
is praising and worshipping God!
These songs are being performed
all over the world by "Charismatic" groups
in their prayer meetings
(they are supposed to gather
over 600 million followers)
and by Catholic Charismatic groups
(about 60 million followers).

Hi everybody!... Glory to the Lord!

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ZIP 1. "Grazie Signore"
V. Nadalin
ZIP 2. "Ruah"
ZIP 3. "Only By Grace"
Gerrit Gustafson
ZIP 4. "Ad David Did"
Martin Nystrom
ZIP 5. "Hosanna"
Carl Tuttle
ZIP 6. "Glory To The King"
Tom McLain
ZIP 7. "When I Look Into Your Holiness"
C.W. Perrin
ZIP 8. "I Am The God That Healeth Thee"
Don Moen
ZIP 9. "Consuming Fire"
Randy N. Wright
ZIP 10. "O Esprit du Dieu Vivant"
Jacque Godard
ZIP 11. "Vierge Sainte, Dieu t'a Choisie"
P.Decha, G.Roussel
ZIP 12. "AbbÓ Padre"
Salvatore Martinez
ZIP 13. "Ai Piedi Di Ges¨"
Salvatore Martinez
ZIP 14. "Ges¨ Sei Qui Con Me"
Marranzino, F. Pesare
ZIP 15. "Glorificate Dio"
Beny Conte, G. Ferrante
ZIP 16. "Luce Del Mondo"
Francesco Pesare
ZIP 17. "Sei Il Signore"
Beny Conte, G. Ferrante
ZIP 18. "Celebrate Jesus"
Gary Oliver
ZIP 19. "I Worship You Almighty God"
Sandra Corbett
ZIP 20. "I Want To Be Where You Are"
Don Moen
ZIP 21. "Ancient Of Days"
Gary Sadler, Jamie Harvill
ZIP 22. "Lift Him Up"
Billy Funk
ZIP 22. "Canto Dei Tre Giovani"
F. Marranzino, A. De Luca
ZIP 23. "God Will Make a Way"
Don Moen
ZIP 24. "Shout To The Lord"
Darlene Zschech
ZIP 26A. "Alleluia al Redentore"
Rosa Maria Calabrese

26B. If you have a "Korg iS series" keyboard
click here for the optimized MIDI!

ZIP 27. "Nelle Tue mani"
De Luca e Conte

28. Ges¨ e la Samaritana
De Luca e Conte


29A. "I see the Lord"
J. Chusum and D. Moen

29B. If you have a "Korg iS series" keyboard
click here for the optimized MIDI!

ZIP 32. "Pietro"
Alfredo Ciccarelli
ZIP 30. "Cristo Ŕ risorto veramente"
Claudia Giottoli
ZIP 31. "Great is the Lord"
Steve McEwan
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(which has an evangelization aim and is not intended for commercial purposes at all),
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