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Nino Di Bianca was born in 1958 in a small town in the province of Messina, CARONIA.
  After graduating from middle high school he attended ITIS, (Technical School Insitute) in S.Agata di Militello.
  After five years of study and having received a Diploma in  Electronic Industrial Technician he decided to find a job instead of  carrying on with University studies, He just didn't want to be dependent on his family (eight persons living with the father's only income). 
He finished the obligatory Military service receiving a Honorable Discharge with the grade of Sergeant, he then began the arduous procedures of looking for a job in his field. He sent applications to several Companies and Government Agencies, and while waiting for an acceptance from one of his applications he performed many different kinds of jobs. 

His first job was as a book keeper where he gained experience in the fiscal sector, then, for six months he took  at a Wood Working and Marketing in Reggio Emilia.

 He lived in Torino while working for an Estate Agency. Additionally, for eight months he attended a Course of study in Cobol-Basic Programming and later another Course in Salary and Contribution. When he later returned to Caronia, he continued to gain experience in his field by working in a book keeping office. He later received a job offer of technician in the Technical School Institute of Rovigo. 

The offer required an answer within two days. It was time for Nino to make a choice: Remain at Caronia unemployed, or move to Rovigo and build a future for himself.

 He chose the later. He now lives in Rovigo and  works as a Computer Technical Assistant at the "F. Viola"  Technical Institute." 

 ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence) Accredited Examiner.

Nino and his family, Giuseppina Bonanno (his wife) and Pietro (his son), love to travel together and have visited some of the best Italian and other foreign cities. 

Here is a photographic show of foreign cities visited by Nino and His family till 2009.