with the sponsorschip of the national association italian small communes


the town administration of cariati

province of cosenza - calabria italia ue


in collaboration with

europe echanges association in bois-guillaume (rouen - normandia) france



"cariati meets europe 2000: europe from a dream to reality"

european intercultural exchange programme 3rd edition


The italian municipal administration of Cariati, wishes to partecipate actively to the progressive process of  European Union growth, with a project, which should favor the meeting of different people, cultures, traditions of the old and new Europe.  That is why, according to the application form, the municipal administration of Cariati organizes and offers, to 20  foreignes, EU university students, a stay of 10 days in the historical small town of Cariati, which lies on the Ionian coasts of the ancient "Graecia Magna". The initiative, which is now at its 3rd edition, aims to reduce the distances among the EU countries, by supporting cultural, social, linguistic exchanges and by promoting debates and meetings. The municipal administration of Cariati strongly believes that the best way to break down prejudices and incomprehensions and to spread a positive idea of Europe,   is making young peoples meet.


agreement conditions

the municipal administration of cariati


a programme of intercultural relations, of landscape discovery  in a total immersion of the mediterranean historical traditions, which will take place from the 7th until the 17th of August 2000, in the town of Cariati;


a free stay in the famous town "Hostel of the Pilgrim” in town, to the first 20 people who whill apply for the project within the dead line;

will send

to the participants a detailed programme of the week events organized by the “ Volunteers European Club for Cariati meets Europe 2000, a copy of the touristic programme “Summer 2000 in Cariati”, the Official Guide of the town and any other useful information for your arrival and stay in Cariati.

Every participant to the project will have to be in Cariati form the 7th until the 17th of August 2000.         A request of stay which differs from the stated one will not be accepted. It is obviously possible to stay longer, but the participants will have to provide for their own expenses.


It will be possible to send your application form, from 12 p.m., June the 1st, until 12 p.m. July the 13th 2000.

The choice of the 20 application forms received within the dead line will be carried out according to :

1)  a chronologic principle based on the date of  forwarding (email - fax- mail)

2)  a drawing among several application forms from the same Country


Once verified the respect of the conditions, required to take part to the project, the Mayor of the town of Cariati will personally inform the 20 people chosen   with a formal acceptance to the programme. The acceptance will be sent within July the 20th.


  application form to the mayor of the town of cariati

- 2 email:

  1. com.cariati@abramo.it       and

  2.  cariatiincontraleuropa-2000@katamail.com

-     fax. ++39.(0)983.968248 / comune c/o p.za friozzi - 87062 cariati (cs) italia - ue


name and surname _ place and date of birth _ address _ (obligatory) town _ country _

email _ (obligatory) - fax - tel.

university _ kind of studies _ year _ languages spoken _ having read all the conditions of the programme (via internet/in my university _ ) somewhere else _; i wish to participate to the intercultural exchanges programme cariati meets europe 2000; i will accept and respect the further formalities and information that will be trasmited  to me from the municipal afministration in collaboration with the volunteers of the european club for cariati meets europe 2000


infoline volunteers european club for cariati meets europe 2000

-       coordinatrice:  sara di antonio tel.++39.(0)347.8282687 - lucreziasasa@libero.it

-    clubcariati2000@hotmail.com - cariati2000club@virgilio.it  - 39.(0)333.2494013


The Mayor of the Town of Cariati

                                         Prof. Damiano Montesanto

link: http://www.urciulloamatore.com

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