The pioneers
T. Savery e T. Newcomen
J.Watt e R. Trevithick
An easy to build
steam engine

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This site consists of 48 pages concerning the men and the events which led to the steam engine invention.
The first serious efforts to harness steam power were made in Britain in the 17th and 18th centuries, when it became necessary to pump floodwaters from mines.
It all started with the Torricelli experiment conducted in 1643 (please see the chapter).
In addition to a brief explanation, each chapter has animations, diagrams and pictures which describe each steam engine.
Every steam engine needs a boiler to make steam from water.
The chapter "Let's build a steam engine" describes an easy to build steam engine. It uses flywheel, crank-shaft and connecting-rod from an old sewing-machine.
The chapter "Trace of history in Cornwall" has italian text.
A special chapter addresses the subject of Thermodynamics.








Traces of history
in Cornwall
(italian text)

K. Marx on steam


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