Ok, here my steps:

1] Made one tarball of all the content of the c700, & put them in the SD

2] Transfer to linux box via usbdnet, with a simple:
cat tarball.tar | nc 192.168.etcetc 1234 [zaurus side]
nc -l -p 1234 > zaurusball.tar [linux box side]

3] see that in inittab there is a 'strange line' ['launch', what's this ?]
hexedited 'launch' in linux box, it's a sharp binary, found
'/home/sharp/etc/launch.conf & launch.default'
-> launch & launch.conf are responsibles for the initing/spawning of Qt,

from launch.conf:

q "Qtopia " x /sbin/qt qt
a "Linux Console " e /sbin/getty getty 9600 tty1
e "init 3 (ttyS0:pppd) " e /sbin/init init 3
r "init 4 (ttyS0:terminal)" e /sbin/init init 4
t "init 5 (ttyS0:-free-) " e /sbin/init init 5

and this is launch.default:


so I'll work [also] on these.

4] wondered who's starting the damned 'qpe.sh' in /home/QtPalmtop
so, doing a
rgrep -irl 'qpe.sh' ./ [in linux box]
-> found [hehe] /sbin/qt
so we see, catting [file is little]:

cat sbin/qt

cd /home/QtPalmtop
exec survive -l 6 ./qpe.sh

5] Ok, so we know that:

a] inittab respawns /sbin/launch
b] 'launch' take it's conf options from launch.default & launch.conf
c] 'launch' starts 'qt' [but if we want, we can change this in 'getty']
d] 'qt' starts 'qpe.sh'
e] 'qpe.sh' has some init env assigments, & the management of Qt

6] Simple, we'll change /home/sharp/etc/launch.default

for a true linux login.

Ok, rebooted, debian prompt for fbvnc pwd, inserted, started debian, now
exit with Fn+Shift+q..
ooops.. not a console login.. it's Qtopia that restart..
[Note that we can stop here. we have a debian full starting system, & if
we want go back to Qtopia we can..]

Now.. we must do an
rgrep -ilr 'launch.default' ./
['cause sombody changed that back to 'q' :)]

and here is the output:


rc.rofilesys has some 'dangerous' options hehe..
[like 'SW Reset'..], but also, this file do some 'very global' jobs.
Anyway, we care for the last line:

echo $LAUNCH > /home/sharp/etc/launch.default

Hmmm.. where is defined 'LAUNCH' ?
do a:
rgrep -rl 'LAUNCH' ./
[note the case sensitive]
we have:

and, here:

Kernel command line: console=ttyS0 root=/dev/mtdblock2
jffs2_orphaned_inodes=delete LOGO=1 LAUNCH=q

haha.. it's a kernel parameter..
so, we must set anytime LAUNCH=a.. [or we can change rc.rofilesys, of
And if we can also found how to set LOGO=0 we don't see anymore this
stupid splash-screen hiding the boot msgs.

No hope, found no way for modifying the boot kernel's parameters without