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Bulgaria daily
Bulgaria today
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Zone 168 News

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Microsoft Internet Explorer
Latest Version: 4.01

Dynamic HTML - SiteBuilder Network
a.k.a Anything you can do, I can do better.
The starting point for exploring Explorer's DHTML

Dynamic HTML Documentation - Internet Client SDK   Invaluable!
The Complete Reference for Internet Explorer DHTML.

Microsoft's own regular DHTML column with a name I wish I had thought of.

 Microsoft DHTML Editing Component
Preview of a new DHTML editing component thacan be included in any HTML or COM based application.

Dynamic HTML Gallery
DHTML Examples in an Explorer flavour..

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JavaScript, The Complete Reference   Updated! - Must Have!!
Finally available, the comprehensive documentation for JavaScript, both client and server. Includes the JavaScript 1.2 addendum. The new JavaScript Bible. Can be viewed online, or downloaded as:

JavaScript Guide
Describes the core JavaScript language, including JavaScript 1.2 features. Serves as a quick reference to JavaScript structure. Full description of properties and methods, however, only in The JavaScript Reference. Can be viewed online, or downloaded as:

JavaScript 1.2 Addendum
Puts the Dynamic in Netscape's Dynamic HTML. Now also available as part of The JavaScript Reference. Can be viewed online, or downloaded as:

The new international web scripting language standard based on JavaScript 1.1, recently ratified by ECMA, now available for downloading, in
self-expanding MS WORD or Acrobat PDF format.
You read it here first: ECMA stands for European Computer Manufacturers Association

Microsoft Scripting
Microsoft's new home page for all its scripting docs, articles and links.

Complete Reference for JScript 3 for IE4.

The 8-track tape of scripting.

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Netscape JavaScript Bugs

Communicator CSS1 Known Issues

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There's no place like home

Doc JavaScript
Bi-weekly prescriptions for all your JavaScript ailments.

Cascading Style Sheets
An Introduction to CSS

Style Sheet Syntax
Excert from the upcoming book HTML Web Publishing SECRETS from IDG Books

Cascading Style Sheets: Designing for the Web
Excerpts and a full chapter from the book by Hakon Lee and Bert Bos of the W3C.

The Evolution of Style Sheets
A history of CSS and future directions.

Other Developer Sites
Compuserve's new megasite devoted solely to coverage of browser development.
C|NET's site for web developers. Regular SuperScripter column, and longer in-depth occasional articles.

Extensive demos of techniques for both browsers.

Dynamic Duo
Cross-browser tutorials and demos.

Dynamic HTML Zone
Macromedia's ambitious new Dynamic HTML mega-site with articles, tutorials, and discussion group.

IE Help
Compuserve's new Explorer-related site.

Inside DHTML
Scott Isaacs' comprehensive source of Dynamic HTML information and techniques. Focus on IE4. MSIE4 absolute must!

Netscape Help
Compuserve's new Netscape-related site.

Nick Heinle's all-encompassing site on DHTML and JavaScript.'s sister development site. DHTML articles, new and reviews.

Web Review
Regular Dynamic HTML articles, particularly in bi-weekly Web Coder column by Nick Heinle of WebReference's JavaScript Tip of the Week

Regular coding columns, but their Wired layout needs deciphering.

DHTML, JavaScript and many cross-browser techniques from Shelly Powers.

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