Here you will find a complete list of my bootlegs available for trading. Feel free to browse it, and if you find something you'd like to get, don't hesitate to contact me at
Please take note that the following rules apply to all the trades.

CD's must be burned using DAO (no gaps)! Please let me know if discs have gaps, clicks, hickups or other technical defects.
Please use a decent brand of CDR's (not the cheap, unbranded ones or see-thru discs). I usually use TDK or Verbatim (when available). Feel free to ask if you're unsure about the brand.
All the bootlegs are burned DAO, with no gaps, clicks or pop on the transition between the tracks. All the shows are faded in/out at the beginning and end of the show. In return, I am expecting the same quality from your shows. Info about the source of the show is well accepted. If you encounter technical difficulties in achieving what I require, please notify me in time. That doesn't mean we cannot trade, though.
If my rules seem harsh, its because I have received too much craps in the past. If I trade with you regularly or did in the past, these rules don't apply to you.