English partner Mute Cartoon example:
(gimme more time, I'm preparing killer, full color mute cartoon!)



Why Be a Partner?

You like me, I like you... let's be partners! Why don't? You could insert a Boscarol cartoon on your web site for free... but it's in italian, I heard you say! Well, for you I provide a mute gag! Like the one beside. I should change it automatically bi-weekly...

What to do to be a Partner?

Mail to me and send the URL of your web page. I'll send to you the HTML code for you to paste in your page.

Then, if you want me to insert a your image (max 10kb!) in my partner page, I'll do it (no obscene or xxx). More, I'll add your site to my link page.


So why not? mail to: dott.Boscarol@libero.it