Developed by Santostefano Giovanni

contact: idmgiovanni[@]libero[dot]it

HideMe is an encrypt/decrypt Java based program that use a “not so strong” encryption system to hide the content of text files.

To encode/decode a file you have to create a key file that contains several chars (the dimension of the key file is about 300-400 Kbytes).

The key file may not contains any CR (Carriage Return/Return/Invio).

A small sample of keyfile is dowloadble here:


please do not use this file to encode your datas!!!! make your own

You can download the program here


Usage Sample:

To encrypt use the options 'e'

java HideMe e clearfile keyfile encryptedfile

To decript use the options 'd'

java HideMe d encrypted file keyfile decryptedfile