Hurry! It's lovely up here

Hey buds below ...

Up is where to grow

Up with which below can't compare with.

Hurry - it's lovely up here ...

Life down a hole takes an awful toll,

What with not a soul there to share with

Hurry - itís lovely up here!

Wake up, bestir yourself,

It's time that you disinter yourself

Youíve got a spot to fill - a pot to fill

And what a gift package of showers, sun and love

Youíll be met above everywhere with,

Fondled and sniffed by millions who drift by,

Life here is rosy - if youíre a posy

Hurry it's lovely here!

Climb up geranium,

It canít be fun subterranium

On the exterior, itís cheerier

RSVP peonies, pollinate the breeze,

Make the queen of bees hot as brandy

Come give at least a preview of Easter

Come up and see the good we're giving

Come up and see the grounds for living

Come poke your head out,

Open up and spread out,

Hurry itís lovely here!

Love with all the trimmings

My dearest love who existed in a dream

Till this evening when a wave came and swept me out to sea

None of the loves that you have known

Could prepare you for the love raging everywhere in me

For all the arms that have covered you the hands

That have touched you and the lips

You have lingered on before

Added together would be less than an olive

In the banquet of love

I have in store

Love season to entice

Love with all the trimmings filled with spice

Love flavored to your whim

Served piping hot with all the trimmings...


For Iíll decode every breath and every sigh

Till your every lover's wish

Is fulfilled before it's made

Toss in some jealousy and doubt

Should it be required

Not to rest till there's nothing more desired

Thus loving as I do

Never, never will you ever be untrue

Having love with all the trimmings

Waiting home for you...

Go to sleep


Now that's what I call a man!

What are you gonna do about Warren?

That's the first time in my life I felt like the opposite sex.

What are you gonna do about Warren?

I wonder if he'll ask me tomorrow night.

What are you gonna do about Warren?

What am I gonna do about Warren?

Oh, Warren doesn't care.

Warren cares!

Warren cares, but I don't care!

You have to care because you're engaged to him

And you don't have to care about him

Because how will he know he cares about you?

Then what are you gonna do?

What did you say?

When you know thereís someone loving you

And you know there's someone you love too

And theyíre not the same, what do you do?

Go to sleep, girl!

Go to sleep!

Go to sleep!

Close your eyes and hide from every care

When you wake up they may not be there

But tell me how can I sleep

Tell me who could

When you see your whole life tangled up good

I could drink, I could weep

But tell me how can I sleep?

Go to sleep!

Go to sleep!

And when you and someone have a date

(Which you made when you were thinking straight!)

And when you and someone stay out late

(It was bad too...)

Mmm...But I had to!

When theyíre not the same who gets the gate?

(This is not the way to find a mate!)

Go to sleep, girl!

Go to sleep!

Go to sleep!

(Go to sleep, girl!

Go to sleep!

Go to sleep!)

Comes the dawn I may not feel the same

(Comes the dawn he may not know your name!)

In the sunlight who can see a flame?

But tell me how can I sleep, look what Iíve done

Mess around with two men

Soon youíll have none

As you sow, so you reap

Which is why I canít sleep, mmm...

Go to sleep!

Go to sleep!

Go to sleep!

Go to...

He isn't you

How could I be this at ease with him?

Pour out my heart as I please with him?

He isnít you...

He isnít you...

When will I feel so in bloom again?

When will his voice warm the room again?

He isnít you...

He isnít you...

Memories may fade in the shadows behind me

But thereíll be the dream

That will always remind me

A dream that I'll be forever comparing him to...

For love me, he may even die for me

Sweep every cloud from the sky for me

He may be king,

But heíll never be you...

What did I have that I don't have?

I donít know why they redesigned me

He likes the way he used to find me

He likes the girl I left behind me

I mean he...

I mean me...

What did I have that I don't have?

What did he like that I lost track of?

What did I do that I donít do the way I did before

What isn't there that once was there?

What have I got a great big lack of?

Something in me that

He could see that

Beckons to him no more

I' m just a victim of time

Obsolete in my prime

Out-of-date and outclassed, by my past!

What did he love that thereís none of?

What did I lose the sweet warm knack of?

Wouldnít I be the late great me if I knew how?

Oh, what did I have I don't have now?


Oh, I thought he kinda liked me.

But all this time he was thinking of someone else - me!

Oh, these questions!

He wasn't interested in me.

He was interested in me!

Oh God! Why did I have to come along?

I mean, what is so special about an English accent?

Cheerio! Oh, tallyho, doctor!

Yes, she gave me the jolly message.

Oh...Nuth... Nothing is wrong!

After all, what is time?

If you miss me in this life you can catch me in the next.

Come on an' watch! 'Ay wot, well Kippered Herring!


What did I have that I don't have?

What do I need big supply of?

What was the trick I did particularly well before?

What did he see thatís gone in me?

What did I use that now I'm shy of?

Why is the sequel never the equal?

Why is there no encore?

Where can I go to repair?

All the wear and the tear

Till Iím once again the previous me!

What did he like that I am not like?

What was the charm that I've run dry of?

What would I give if my old know-how still knew how?

Oh what did I know?

Tell me where did it go!

What, oh, what did I have

I donít have now?

On a clear day (you can see forever)

On a clear day

Rise and look around you

And you'll see who you are

On a clear day

How it will astound you

That the glow of your being

Outshines every star

Youíll feel part of

Every mountain sea and shore

You can hear

From far and near

A word youíve never, never heard before...

And on a clear day...

On a clear day...

You can see forever...

And ever...

And ever...

And ever more. . .