Free again

Free Again

Back to being free again

Back to being me again

With all my precious freedom,

My precious, precious freedom

On my own

Back to being on my own

Back to live the life I’ve known

Before I ever knew him,

Before I ever knew him

Free again, independent me,

Free again

Time to call up all the crowd

Raise the roof

And shout out loud

Time to have a party,

A party

Lucky me,

Take a look at lucky me

Take a look and you can see

How much I love my freedom,

My precious, precious freedom

Simple me,

Complicated, simple me

Back to where I used to be

Before I ever knew him

Before I ever knew him...

Free again,

Lucky, lucky me

Free again

Back in circulation, now,

Time for celebration, now

Time to have a party, a party...

Free again, independent me

Free again

Time to call up all the crowd

Raise the roof and shout out loud

Time to have a party!

Lucky me,

Take a look at lucky, lucky me

Back to where I used to be!

Back to where I used to be!

Free again...

Free again...


Autumn Leaves

Et les vents du Nord,

Les emportent

Dans la nuit froide de l’oubli

Tu vois, je n’ai pas oublié

La chanson que tu me chantais

The falling leaves

Drift by the window

The autumn leaves are red and gold

I see your lips,

The summer kisses

The sun-burned hands

I used to hold

Since you went away

The days grow long

And soon I’ll hear old winter song

But I miss you

Most of all, my darling

When autumn leaves

Start to fall...


J. Mercer, J. Prevert & J. Kosma

What now my love

Et maintenant

Que vais-je faire?

De tout ce temps

Que sera ma vie

De tous ces gens

Qui m'indifferent


Que tu es parti

Toutes ces nuits


Pour qui?

Et ce matin qui revient pour rien

Mon coeur qui bat



Qui bat trop fort,

Trop fort...

What now my love,

Now that it's over

I feel the world

Closing in on me

Here come the stars,

Tumbling around me

And there's the sky,

Where the sea should be

What now my love,

Now that you're gone

I'd be a fool to go on and on and on

No one would care,

No one would cry

If I should live or die

Je n'ai vraiment

Plus rien a faire

Je n'ai vraiment plus rien!


C.Sibman, P.Delanoe & G. Becaud

Ma première chanson

Avec un doigt

Sur un piano,

Avec ma voix

Autour de quelques mots,

J'ai tant joué

Avec ton nom,

Que j'ai vu naître une chanson.

J'avais dans mes mains,

Ton coeur et le mien.

Ce vieux piano

Revient toujours,

Au premier jour de mon premier amour,

Chaque seconde avait ton nom,

Et j'ai trouvé cette chanson.


B. Streisand & E. Marnay

Clopin clopant

In France when one is walking sadly

They say he walks

Clopin Clopant

His step is slow,

His fault is badly

Perhaps the one he loves is gone

Clopin Clopant

I hear his footsteps

As in the night he passes by

And as I hear his endless footsteps

I get to thinking

They’ll go out

I’ll go along

Clopin Clopant

Whispering he’s gone,

He is gone, he is gone

My childish heart cries like a baby

Without my love what will each day be?

So I go on

Clopin Clopant

Trudging alone

Clopin Clopant

Love is a dance

And one must learn it

I had my chance, why did I spurn it?

What can I do?

Why carry on?

Going alone

Clopin Clopant,

Clopin Clopant, Clopin Clopant...


Written by B. Coquatrix, P. Dudan & K. Goell

Le mur

Ils ont construit

Un grand mur gris

Couleur d’ennui

Couleur malheur

Un mur de gêne

Un mur de peine

Un mur de haine

Un mur de peur

Et ils ont fait

Ce qui devait

A tout jamais

Nous séparer

Ils ont perdu

Ils n'ont pas pu

Nous empêcher

De nous aimer

Ils ont construit

Un grand mur gris

Couleur de pluie

Couleur d’hiver

Pour nous cacher

Nous baionnettes

Nous étouffer

Nous faire à Terre

Ils ont perdu

Ils n’ont pas pu

Nous empêcher

De nous aimer

Ils n’ont pas pu

Nous empêcher

De leur crier

Un monde entier

Nous empêcher

De nous aimer

De leur crier

Au monde entier...


Written by M. Vaucaire & C. Dumont

I wish you love


No use leading with our chins

This is where our story ends

Never lovers, ever friends...


Let our hearts call it a day

But before you walk away

I sincerely want to say...

I wish you bluebirds in the Spring

To give your heart a song to sing

And then a kiss,

But more than this,

I wish you love!

And in July a lemonade

To cool you in some leafy glade

I wish you health,

And more than wealth,

I wish you love!

My breaking heart and I agree

That you and I could never ever be

So with my best,

My very best,

I set you free!

I wish you shelter from the storm

A cozy fire to keep you warm

But most of all,

But most of all...

When snowflakes fall,

I wish you wealth

I wish you health...

I wish you love!


Written by: A. A. Beach & C. Trenet

Speak to me of love

Speak to me of love

And say what I’m longing to hear

Tender words of love

Repeat them again

I implore you speak to me of love

Whisper these words to me, dear

I adore you

I want to hear

To hear those words that are so dear

I want to hear you say I love you

By all the little stars above you

Your voice is like a fun caress

It thrills me till I must confess

I long to hear the voice that brings me

Such thrilling love and happiness

Parle moi d’amour

Redites moi ces mots suprêmes

Je vous aime...


Written by: B. Sievier & J. Lenoir

Love and learn

Love and learn,

They say we love and learn

Learn the facts of love

Each in his turn

Learn that love will soothe

And love will burn

It will hurl you to heaven and then down again

Give you hope, give you heartbreak

Love and learn

Like me that love is strange

Sweet and bitter ride

That one and nothing can change it

Love and learn

Like me that love is strange

It will warm you in winter and chill you in spring

Invade your nights

Then one day be gone

Love and learn

Love and learn

So your heart may wiser be

Love and learn

That love’s mad, gay and sad, good and bad

Nothing like you’ve had but you can’t

Heaven it seems

You give your love to your man

All the love that you can

Never do you dream

He will take it and go one day

Now you know all there is to know about

There you go

Wise to love but still without it

Love and learn

That you learn

Not a thing at all


Written by: N. Gimbel, E. Marnay & M. Legrand

Once upon a summertime

Once upon a summertime if you recall

We stopped beside then in a flower stall

A bunch of bright forget-me-nots

Was all I let you buy me

Once upon a summertime

Just like today

We laughed the happy afternoon away

And stole a kiss in every street café

You were sweeter than the blossoms on the tree

I was as proud as any girl could be

As if the major had offered me the key,

The key to Paris

Now another wintertime has come and gone

The pigeons feeding in the square have flown

But I remember when the vespers chime

You loved me once upon a summertime

Tous les lilas, tous les lilas de mai

N'en finiront, n'en finiront jamais

De faire la fête du coeur

Des jeunes qui s’aiment

S’aiment, s’aiment

Now another wintertime

Has come and gone

The pigeons feeding in the square have flown

But I remember when the vespers chime

You loved me once upon a summertime...


Written by: J. Mercer, E. Marnay, M. Legrand & E. Barclay


I can see Martina

As a child of three

In the sad seclusion of her nursery

Go outside, Martina!

Go outside and play

Never speak, Martina,

Put your toys away

So her days were loveless

And her nights the same

When she cried for someone

No one ever came...

Is it any wonder

That her eyes grew cold?

That she loved nobody

And her young heart grew old

All the children crying from the age of three

Grow to be Martina’s and me...


Written by: H. Shaper & M. Legrand

I've been here

Draw me no maps,

Vow me no vows

No they-perhaps,

Just here-and-nows

Tomorrow's dream

Is not my dream

It comes too late and I can't wait

The river runs

With one remark

Get on your way,

It's growing dark

And so I live to have my say

To get and give

Each burning day

And if in time

I find my love

He'll find that I'm no frightened dove

For all too soon

Young love is passed

It's tender leaves fall off too fast

Each rising hill,

Each falling stream

Cause to fulfill each day's new dream

Some brighter road to fly along

Some stronger wine,

Some wilder song

And when I'm gone don't shed one tear

The world will know

That I've been here!


E. Shuman, M. Vaucaire & C. Dumont