Days I knew as happy sweet

Sequestered days

Olden days,

Golden days

Days of mad romance and love

Then gay youth was mine

Truth was mine

Joyous free and flaming life

For soon was mine

Sad am I,

Glad am I

For today I'm dreaming of


Joyous free and flaming life

Forsooth was mine

Sad am I,

Oh so glad am I

For today I'm dreaming of




Written by O.Harbach & J.Kern

One kiss

One kiss,

One man to save it for

One love for him alone

One word,

One vow and nothing more

To tell him

I’m his own

One magic night within his arms

With passion flower unfold

But I will try to love only one man

And no other man in the world...


Written by O. Hammerstein II & S. Romberg

The minute waltz

I have got a minute,

Just a little minute,

I have only got a minute, just minute,

I have only got a minute

That is all the time I have to sing this tiny minute waltz

It isn't easy but I'll try it


I gotta say goodbye

But first I take a minute

And put in it every note that Chopin wrote

And I shall sing the little minute waltz

And hope that I can sing with no faults

And though it's difficult

I'll give it every gust of air

I got within in my body

Hope that my performance will be very shiny

Singing every note will not do wonders for my throat

I probably will end up hoarse

Of course I will have done it

And a will for that I made

That what I want is not the money but the satisfaction that

I get from winning money on this silly kind of bet

Though this kind of solo wasn't his intention

Chopin isn't here to make an intervention

So with your permission and no intermission

I will sing each note that that composer wrote

As you can hear my trilling isn't very thrilling

But no one can say I wasn't very willing

to attempt

A thing that's not been done and just for fun to sing the minute waltz

As I sing the seconds fly,

Oh too soon the minute waltzes by

And now I ask you where am I

Halfway through the tune and I'm falling far behind

I have less than 30 seconds

Less than 30 seconds

Less than 30

Less than half a minute

I have less than 30 seconds

I have less than half a minute to complete this little minute waltz

And every note that's its score

While the sands of time I know are pouring

Let me win my bet and I'll run with the money

Down to some drug store where I will buy a honey

Or a trophy for myself to put upon a shelf to show the world I've won

Oh the second hand is rushing round the dial

And though I'd like to end this torture with a smile

Unless someone knows how to stop the clock you gonna see me cry beforeI said goodbye

Eight little measures to complete this song

But I'm afraid my little lungs will burst before to long if

Only I can last the scale

I won't have failed to sing the minute waltz!


Written by O'Kun

Gotta move

Gotta move,

Gotta get out

Gotta leave this place,

Gotta find some place

Some other place,

Some brand new place

Some place where each face that I see

Won't be staring back at me

Telling me what to be and how to be it

Some place

Where I can just be me

Gotta move,

Got to get out

Gotta leave this town,

Gotta find some town

Some big new town,

Some bright new town

Some new town with new places, new lives

And most of all some new faces

Gotta find a man,

A new man

A man who won't worry 'bout where I go

A man who wont ask how I learned what I know

A man who will know that you've gotta be free

A man who will know when to just let me be

Gotta move,

Gotta get out

Gotta change my life,

Gotta find my life

I'll find me a place in some new town and baby

And when I find me that new place,

Then maybe I,

Gotta leave this town

Gotta leave this place

Gotta find a new man...

Gotta move!


Written by P.Matz

Non, c'est rien

Non, c’est rien

Aussi peu, croyez le bien

Ça ira mieux

Dès demain

Avec le temps qui passe

Dans la vie tout s’efface

Non, c’est rien

A qui bon tendre vos mains

Je n’ai pas tant de chagrin

C’est vous qui êtes tristes

Mes amis, partez vite

Laissez moi

Cette nuit sortez,

Mais sans moi

Allez boire à ma santé

Rapportez votre pitié

Vous me faites rire,

Bien rire...

Non, c’est rien

Aussi peu, croyez le bien

Cet amour n’était plus rien

D’autre qu’une habitude

J’en ai la certitude

Non, c’est rien

Ce garçon, moi j'ai le plains

Ne croyez pas que demain

Une seule seconde

Je serai seule au monde

Laissez, laissez-moi

Cette nuit

Sortez mais sans moi

Allez boire à mes amours

A tous mes futurs amours

Mes prochains je t’aime...

Je t’aime...

Laissez-moi et ne croyez pas surtout pas

Que je vais pleurer pour ça

Suel mon coeur n’y comprend rien

Mais à part ça rien, rien

Non c’est rien,

Aussi peu croyez le bien

Je n’ai pas tant de chagrin

Je n’ai pas tant de chagrin

Non c’est rien...

Non c’est rien



Written by M.Jourdan, A.Canfora & J.Baselli

Where or when

Sometimes you think you've lived before

All that you live today

Things you do come back to you

As if they knew the way

Oh the tricks your mind can play

It seems we stood and talked like this, before

We looked at each other in the same way then

But I can't remember where or when

The clothes you're wearing are the clothes, you wore

The smile you are smiling you were smiling then

But I can't remember where or when

Some things that happened for the first time

Seem to be happening again

And so it seems we have met before

And laughed before, and loved before

But who knows where or when


Written by L. Hart & R. Rodgers


Animal crackers in my soup,

Monkeys and rabbits, look a loupe!

Gosh oh Gee, but I have fun

Swallowing animals one by one

In every bowl of soup

I see lions and tigers watching me

I’ll make ‘em jump right through a hoop

’Cause animal crackers in my soup!

When I get hold of the big bad wolf

I just push him under to drown

Then I bite him in a millions bits

And I gabble him right down


I love your funny face

Your sunny, funny face

Though you’re no handsome Henry

Four words I’d not replace,

Your sunny funny face...


That face, that wonderful face

It shines, it glows all over the place

And how I love to watch it change expressions

Each look becomes the prize of my possessions


I love your eyes, your cheeks, your hair

They’re in a class beyond compare

It’s the loveliest face that one could see...


Were thine that special face

Were thine the forms so live so splendor

Were thine the arms so warm so tender

Were thine the kiss divine


I was so really independent and content before we met

Surely I can always be that way again and yet

I’ve grown accustomed to the trace of something in the air

Accustomed to the wonderful fabulous marvelous glorious...


Let’s face the music and dance...


You made the cope and vest fit the best

You made the linen nice and strong

But Sam, you made the pants too long

You made the pick lapel look so oh swell

So who am I to say you’re wrong?

But Sam, you made the pants too long!

They got the belt and they got suspenders

So what can they lose?

What good are belts and what good suspenders

When the pants are hanging over the shoes

You feel the winter breeze up and down the knees

The belt is where the tie belongs

'Cause Sam, Sam,

Sam, you made the pants too long!


Pussycat, pussycat,

I love you, yes, I do

You and your pussycat...


We have so much in common

It's a phenomenon

We could pull our resources by joining forces

From now on...


It’s spring again

And birds on the wing again

Start to sing again that old melody


I wanted the music to play on forever

Have I stayed too long at the fair?

I wanted the clown to be constantly clever

Have I stayed too long at the fair?

I brought me blue ribbons to tie up my hair

But I couldn’t find anybody to care

The merry-go-round is beginning to slow now

Have I stayed too long at the fair?

There is nothing to win,

And there's no one to want me...


Look at that face, just look at it

Look at that fabulous face of yours

I knew first look I took at it

This was the face that the world adores

Look at these eyes as wise and as deep as the sea

Look at that nose, it shows what a nose should be

As for your smile it’s lyrical

Friendly and warm as the summer’s day

Your face is just a miracle

Where could I ever find words to say

The way that it makes me happy

Whatever the time or place

I will find in no book

What I will find when I look at that face!

C'est si bon (It's so good)

C’est si bon

Lovers say that in France

When they thrill to romance

It means that it's so good

C'est si bon

So I say to you

Like the French people do

Because it's oh so good

Every word,

Every sigh, every kiss, dear,

Leads to only one thought

And the thought is this, dear!

C'est si bon

Nothing else can replace

Just your slyest embrace

And if you only would

Be my own for the rest my days

I will whisper this phrase

My darling,

My darling...

C’est si bon!


Written by J. Seelen, A. Hornez & H. Betti

Where am I going?

Where am I going?

And what will I find?

What's in this grab bag

That I cal I my mind?

What am I doing

Alone on the shelf?

Ain't it a shame,

But no one's to blame but myself.

Which way is clear

When you've lost your way

Year after year?

Do I keep falling in love for just a kick of it?

Staggering through

The thin and thick of it,

Hating each old, tired trick of it,

Know what I am,

I’m good and sick of it!

Where am I going?

Why do I care?

Run where it's foul,

Run where it's fair,

No matter where I run I meet myself there.

Looking inside me, what do I see?

Anger and hope and doubt,

What am I all about?

And where am I going?

Tell me why do I care?

No matter where I run I meet myself there

Looking inside me,

What do I see?

Anger, hope and doubt

What am I al I about?

And where am I going?

Where am I going?


Written by D.Fields & C.Coleman

Starting here, starting now

Starting here,

Starting now

When we walk,

We'll walk together

Year by year,

Starting here,

Starting now

When we talk

We wiII say the most with silence

When we're near

Starting here

Now when you sleep

You will dream a dream

That's free from care

For now when you wake

I'll be there

So be still

Take my hand

For the greatest journey

Heaven can allow

Starting love

Starting here

Starting now

Now take my hand

For the greatest journey

Heaven can allow

Starting love

Starting here

Starting now...


Written by R.Maltby, Jr & D.Shire