Chiara's biography and filmography:

Chiara Caselli (Bologna, 1969)

Graduated in Bologna, her stage debut came in 1985 with the Teatro Stabile of Bolzano.
Several years later she played her first film part in "Il segreto" (l.t.: The Secret, 1989) directed by Francesco Maselli.
Her film debut was endorsed by the silver award she received at Saint-Vincent in 1990, while her role in "Dove siete? Io sono qui" (Liliana Cavani, 1992) earn-ed her the Nastro d'argento a nd the Grolla d'oro.
Since then she has been working in feature films, theatre and television. She had the luck and the pleasure to work with Peter Del Monte (Traces of a Love Life, 1990), Gus van Sant (My Own Private Idaho, 1990), Fiorella Infascelli (Fish Soup, 1991), the Taviani brothers (Fiorile, 1992), Antonioni (Beyond the Clouds, 1995; Destination Verna, 2000), H. Gordon Boos (Forgotten city, 1998) , Marco Bechis (Garage olimpo, 1999), Daniel Burman (Esperando al mesías, 2000) Dario Argento .

Here is a more detailed Filmography.