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The Real Sound Company, UK


Rega, UK

Planet old Planar 2 + RB-200 Planar 2 + RB-250 Planar 3 + RB-300 P-25 + RB-600 P-9 + RB-900

Revox, CH


Rotel, UK/J


Rockport, USA

Sirius III

Roksan, UK

Xerxes (original version with black lid) + SME 3009/III Xerxes X + Artemiz Touraj Moghaddam Signature + Artemiz Radius + Tabriz

Scheu/Eurokit, G

These are all more-or-less-DIY turntables based on the same components. Premier, Moerch arm (DK), Jan Allaerts MC1 cartridge (B) Scheu DIY turntable + SME 3012 Scheu DIY turntable + Scheu arm Scheu Beton Scheu Big Platter Scheu Granit Scheu Holz

Simon Yorke, UK

Series 7 Series 7 - Professional Archive Turntable Series 9

Scale Model Equipment, UK

Engineering company with tonearms and turntables as by-product. SME 10 + Model 10 arm SME 20/2 + SME V SME 30/2 + SME V 309 Series IV Series V 3009 and 3012 3009 Series II

Sonographe, USA


Sony, J



Comet Sapphire Star Star + SME V arm Millennia

Strykala, G

Strykala (DIY turntable)

Supex, J

900, legendary cartridge often used on early Linn LP-12s

Systemdek, UK

II II IIX/900 IIX/900 2X2

Talisker, G


Tandberg, N

TD-20ASE (not a turntable, but I feel it belongs here anyway)

Technics, J

100P, a linear tracker from 1966! SL-M1 SL-MA1 SL-1100, starting the direct-drive assault SL-1200 SL-1200 MkII SP-10MkII in SBH-107B base and Rega RB-250 arm SP-10 with two Acos Lustre arms SL-DL5 SL-DL1 SP-15 SL-M3

Telefunken, G

PS-81 radio broadcast turntable

Teragaki, J

Teragaki is a contract mechanical engineer who does a lot of advanced work on turntables for several Japanese industrial giants, such as Seiko-Epson and Audio Technica (well, not exactly a giant this one). Teragaki's ideas are rather extreme. I feel that these record players should bear names like 'Akira' and 'Tetsuo'. Epson Sigma-2000 AT Sigma-3000 prototype prototype prototype

Thorens (CH,G)

Thorens is the oldest turntable manufacturer in existence, with roots going back well into the previous century. I mean, the nineteenth one. Thorens always upheld high levels of quality. The TD-124 is, together with the Garrard 301 and 401, one of the greatest idler-wheel record players of the fifties. In the sixties and seventies Thorens pioneered the three-point suspension, first with the legendary TD-150, later with the TD-160, 125, and 126, the latter two featuring advanced electronic speed control of their belt drive systems. In the late seventies, the Reference and Prestige were real cost-no-object supertables, and please don't believe that they were not stellar performers. From the eighties on Thorens slid into lower popularity as they stuck to their original scheme of suspended turntable with metal platter and rubber mat, while the rest of the world did different things ... TD-150 Symphony CD50 TD-115 TD-121 with Ortofon arm TD-124 with EMT arm TD-224 (124-based changer) TD-125 MkI with TP-16 arm TD-125 with Infinity Black Widow arm TD-125 with RDC platter and Helius Aureus TD-126 MkIII with TP-16II TD-226 with Thorens TP-16II arm with removable wand and SME 3009/III arm TD-160 MkI with TP-16 TD-160 MkII with TP-16II TD-147 MkII with Oracle mat Jubilee (gold-plated TD-147) Jubilee (gold-plated TD-147) TD-165 MkI TD-166 MkII + TP-16II arm heavily modified TD-166 MkVI, named 'Ambience' by its owner TD-280 MkIV TD-295 TD-185 TD-318 MkIII TD-320 MkIII with TP-90 TD-321 modified with a custom plinth, and SME 3009/III TD-520 with SME 312 TD-524 TD-535 TD-2001 with TP-90 TD-520 + SME 3012 Prestige + SME 3012 and SME 309 Reference + SME 3009/III and EMT arms Ambiance + SME V Concrete + SME 309

Townshend, UK

The original Townshend turntable was conceived at Cranfield University, and was subsequently marketed by Max Townshend. Rock Reference 2 + Origin Live RB-250 arm Rock Reference 3

Transcriptors, IRL

Saturn + Vestigal arm Skeleton Skeleton Transcriber (arm remains stationary, platter moves underneath it, picture from the collection of Don Sellers) Round

Transrotor, G

Once working with Michell Engineering in the UK, Jochen Raeke founded Tranrotor, first re-selling Michell turntables, later also with his own designs. AC + Ultracraft (re-badged Michell Prisma, and with addtional glass platter) Hydraulic (made by Michell Engineering, England) with add-on motor Fat Bob Roberto Aquila Rotary + SME 3009/II (re-badged Michell GyroDec) Quintessence Super Seven, standard Super Seven, top-end Pianta Eternita Giretto Galileo Rondo Rondo Klar Classic/Connoisseur Aspect Gravita

Verdier, F

Platine Verdier La Nouvelle Platine Verdier

Versa Dynamics, USA



Hw-19 Jr + SME 3009/II Hw-19 MkIII + SME 309 and Koetsu TNT III Aries + JWM


Proscenium Gold

V.Y.G.E.R., I

Atlantis Indian

Wilson-Benesh, UK

Circle + Act 0.5 Turntable + Act 2

Yamaha, J

PF-800 PF-1000 GT-2000

Yamamura-Churchill, J/UK


Zarathustra/Manley/Yorke, UK

S-4 + SME V

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