"The Unico"
Veneto Background
The incredible power  of the Venetian circle  and  the endless series of  miscarriagges of Justice  regarding the Case of "Autodifesa / Self Defense"

Venetian area is very important:
  1. It was the center of unorthodox civil war organized by NATO after World War II .
  2. It was the center of  black terrorism  which had involved neo-fascists and paramilitary Gladio personnel.
  3. It was the center of coup attemptRosa dei Venti”, Point of Compass,  plotted during the “strategy of tension”.
  4. Venice itself gave birth to the “Universal Fascism”.
  5. In 2004, when we sent report about some Venetian birth place  intrigues, The circle of Venetians  stopped whatever investigation about. Firstly, our writings were stolen, and secondly ,  a lot of incredible  miscarriages of justice took place into the most important Italian courts! Thirdly, an endless stream of bad events began to happen since then. Today we are isolated and  we are living as homeless people: the circle has destroyed our life!. 
  6. In Veneto, Mafia and Fascism are hidden into illegal masonic lodges
Moreover, consider that into Vicenza there are:
the general headquarters of  EUROGENDFOR (The European Gendarmerie Force),  the general headquarters of COESPU (Center of Excellence for Stability Police Units), Camp Ederle ( One of the major US Military bases in Italy [1] ).

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This area is very important! First, it was the center of unorthodox civil war organized by NATO after World War II . Second, it was the center of “black terrorism” which has involved neo-fascists and paramilitary Gladio personnel. Third it was the center of coup attempt “Rosa dei Venti” plotted during the “strategy of tension” between 1970-74. Fourth, Venice itself gave birth to the “Universal Fascism”. Fifth, in the area there are a strong concentration of esoteric and satanic rites.
The video tells how  today all these phenomena still  live and they lead to understand the phenomenon of  Venetian Secessionists.
Story about authors and videos.

We were born in Italy in the Venetian area in 1970. This area is very important! First, it was the center of unorthodox civil-war organized by NATO after world war II during the cold-war. Second, it was the center of “black terrorism” which has involved neo-fascists and paramilitary Gladio personnel. Third it was the center of coup attempt “Rosa dei Venti” plotted during the “strategy of tension” between 1970-74. Fourth, Venice itself gave birth to the “Universal Fascism”. Fifth, in the area there are a strong concentration of esoteric and satanic rites, most often related to ancient cults of death some of that   belong from the nazism core.

During the time we lived in birthplace we saw some of these intrigues. At that moment we don’t realize its importance, however we understand that it was better for us to get a new life away. On 2001 we move in another province and we close every personal relationships, connection, and link with the birthplace, notwithstanding birthplace people don’t leave us in peace. The life was hard and incredible situations will happen.   On 2004, we are victims of a stalker. Due to the stalker attacks we remain without job and we begin to live with few money. It came out again  birthplace people and cause us a lot of trouble.

On October 2004, to protect ourselves, we decide to turn to military police. At that time, in Italy there was not a law about the stalking offense.  To prevent the return into birthplace in order to obtain aid, we are forced to describe some dirty affairs and intrigues that we saw in there. After the meeting, Police officers say us to send information to Palace of Justice. So, in November, we write and send the first report to Palace of Justice. Next months we write other reports containing a mixture of old facts and news.  Time elapsed and no one keeps in touch with us. On April 2005, we go personally to the Court and we discover on the occasion that our reports there weren’t. It seems reports disappeared but we have on the hand the circumstantial evidences that reports have been stolen. We take the decision to put down personally a copy of the missing papers, but also the new documents will be stolen. Officers become nervous but they don’t take any decision to resolve the problem. In the meantime someone organizes a plot to damage us. We have an abusive attack on our good name, false accusation, and a malicious misrepresentation of our actions. Someone tells that we invent the crime, but no one accepts a debate about. For the first time, we request the publication of facts into newspapers, but we have no result because no one journalist was so brave to do this. Later we public ourselves in Internet Web pages some news about. After some months, we discover a censorship over search engines about the facts, We were surprised, since that moment we thought that similar situation can happen only in China  (this fact is narrated into the video-episode “Filtering”).

The enemy action creates an unbearable surrounding situation. The condition becomes clearly evident: we are persecuted for the reason we are eyewitness.  Reluctantly, to survive we are forced to leave home and the town. From now on, we will be forced to move from town to town several times.
During the summer 2005, we begin to travel from place to place searching for someone who can resolve the situation. On February 2006 we ask justice for the first time to Police Headquarters. After Police officer  sees some evidences, he inform immediately the head.  The head  says:  “this is a worrying situation..”,  another top police officer takes our report,   but in practice he will do nothing.
 We keep going; on September 2006 we go in another Palace of Justice. Immediately the new police officer realizes the seriousness of the situation and he say us to stay ready in the eventuality of a blitz. The officer is informed about similar facts, “we know that these situation happen in that Court, you are not the only one” —he says.   Unfortunately,  the bureaucracy moves the legal proceedings into another Court and the new public prosecutor don’t want to proceed. He doesn’t want to fix a meeting with us and leave us in danger conditions. We have other attacks and we are forced to move to another town. In 2007 we are in another town, here we find a new policeman who try to investigate, but in the same Police headquarters it happens that some agents hinder him. Police headquarters become a theatre of a terrible battle, which divide Police itself.

In the same year we find, into articles published by Executive Intelligence Review, a fundamental key to resolve the mystery. With the new information we finally understand the importance of  our personal story and international intrigues. In 2008, we are forced to move again, in another town,  we find new  policemen that try to investigate about our case, after a good start  they are stopped by an invisible power. We try again and again to have justice with no results. Some officers say us to get a new life abroad, but they don’t help us to do this.

Since 2005, after we escaped from Venetian area, to survive we have changed six Italian regions.
During this time we have done the lowest works, we have lived in poor condition and in particular periods in cold and hunger conditions. In this condition we cant work normally. We are exhaust and in bad condition. Authorities do nothing and there is a terrible lack of interest about our story. The problem must be resolved by police or by prosecutors but both they don’t want to manage the case. Prosecutors, police, newspapers and media leave us isolated and with no human’s right. We live exposed to the beasts and to the power that want to destroy us. Each time we come out from these bad conditions it happens that someone menaces us and forced us to go away. The situation grows in the years and is running  out of control. Unless someone will stop our enemy we have no future, in any case we are not capable to support this life for longtime.

Our story is stunning. It’s incredible that the reports have been stolen inside one of the most important Court and no one wants to investigate about! No one wants to report the fact on newspapers! Since 2004, time elapsed and the case is grown and now it involves police officers, military police, magistrates, newspapers, mayors, and so on.

In Italy there is very high depravity and corruption. The phenomenon of the “missing paper” probably start with an illicit favor, it grows and includes two judges. Later it includes top-police officers and so on…
Corruption is inadequate to explain the situation occurred. The only way to understand the phenomenon of “the missing paper” is to consider the UNORTHODOX Civil War implanted by NATO in Italy after the World War II throughout Gladio. This war has separated citizens and has divided Italy deeply. Today this division still lives and plays a fundamental role into the case.  At beginning Gladio was an invisible instrument to fight Communism, however after the Berlin Wall had come down the war against Communist has lost in importance and Gladio became a instrument for illegal operation in total hand of a few oligarchs and fascists. How it’s happened is narrated in the video series “The Unico”. Gladio personnel and P-2 members are the responsibles of  Italian injustice. These Masonic networks were populated by veterans of the wartime Fascist and Nazi apparatus. When the P-2 membership list was revealed in the early 1980s, it became clear that the secret lodge had penetrated virtually the entire security apparatus and political party structures of Italy. Now, in 2010, in Italy power is totally on the hands of these  anti-Roosevelt people.

We are eye-witness of some of these illegal operations, for this reason we are persecuted, for this reason we find hostile factions into authorities. These people have all powers, they are hidden inside Masonic lodges and benefit of Masonic power but keep in mind that  they are only an illegal or deviated part of lodges, as the infamous P-2 was.

Our personal story teaches that they control political parties, police, military police, palaces of justice, newspapers, media, culture and so on. They decide who can live and who can die, who can work and who can stay poor, the trial to open and the trial to close and the political parties, which rise to power.

Concerning our case these people first stolen our statements between November 2004 and May 2005. Second, then they blocked every investigation about. Third, they censured the facts. Fourth, with an illegal act, they created the false appearance that the crime concerning the “missing papers” was not committed. Fifth, they worked hard with the aim to isolate us from anyone who could help us; they prejudiced   Police officers as well as Mayors, Priests, journalists. Sixth, they attacked our good name with false accusation, and a malicious misrepresentation of our actions. Seventh, they spread the rumor that we are mentally ill. Eighth, they played with our life forcing us to live in poor condition, often deprived of food and without health care, creating the false appearance that we are only a unfortunately case.

The actions that our enemy managed with success are incredible. All this means that Italy loses its democracy, citizen have lost sovereign and it has become an oligarchy operationally directed by Gladio personnel and P-2 members. The British and Americans (driven by British)  are responsible for all this. The Italian and American  enemy of democracy is the same.

 Most of Italians don’t understand what is happening. A part is not corrupt, we believe in these last persons to restore democracy and freedom.

Nowadays, April 11,2014  we are living as homeless people. We are begging food and we are sleeping into makeshift shelters. We are just isolated from social society. No one intervenes to help us. Venetian Circle organized an incredible  gang stalking against us, involving police forces too!



 The role of Anglo-Americans
This episode explains how defeated fascists were redeployed into NATO after World War II inside Gladio networks, and how it began the new “Universal Fascism” . These  people were later subsumed  into the P-2 freemasonic lodge, which was reinvigorated  around 1970. The P-2 membership list revealed, in the early 1980s, that the secret lodge had penetrated virtually the entire security apparatus and political party structures of Italy.



Attack to international economic system
New ways of terror, plotted by Unico's people,  are now based by attacks to international economic system.


The role of Venice
This episode explains the role of Venice. Venice gave birth both to Universal Fascism and to the actual system of international banks.



About censorship and filtering



Rosa dei Venti
The 1974 Padua  investigation of Judge Tamburino about the "Rosa dei Venti" coup attempt and the Strategy of Tension



The Borghese Coup Attempt
The Italian 1970 Borghese coup attempt.
Borghese's coup was a very serious attempt. The plan was to occupy the television station, the Presidency, the Interior Ministry, and a few other strategic points, after which a counterinsurgency operation .... The plan included the arrest of trade unionists, political and military leaders, and similar individuals; and would have allowed a military dictatorship.
"Borghese  founded Mussolini's naval special warfare unit, the Decima MAS, commonly known as the X MAS" ...
[Source BP*]


Ports of Power .
What and who stay behind the P-2 masonic lodge.


When we reported some Venetians intrigues a lot of our  reports dispappeared and a lot of miscarriages of justice took place. The video told about the Rome and erugia Court.


pdf- English

Venetian circle was also involved into the suppression of historical information.
One videos in two parts, and an essay are provided.

The matter concerns about very important historical and religious aspects, a really true great humanitarian heritage suppressed to public domain.

Why this happens?
Before all, the historical valorization of places can interfere with:
exploitation of  existent quarries;
proliferation after 1970 of antennas: today one of the majors antennas site in Italy;

Exploitation of saint relics.

Military sites.

For more details see the PDF  document

 "The Erinni Case"

2010's document - pdf -Italian
This 2010's document talk about Venetian  mafia and fascism covered into illegal masonry.
It's in Italian language.

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[1]Camp Ederle [VI]. General Division of NATO and command of SETAF of the US Army, which controls American forces in Italy, Turkey, and Greece.
Vicenza: SETAF (Southern European Task Force) command. 5th Allied Tactical Air Force. Probable depot for nuclear war heads.