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Universal, Microsoft Screw Over Artists, Set Absurd and Dangerous
Instead of license fees covering music, they’ll cover audio hardware — with no music involved. 2. Instead of license fees being paid to the musicians, they’ll be paid to the record label. One (large, corporate) label.
and services for creating and consuming podcasts and other portable audio and video content. media, corporate executives and device makers to cover the complete range of business objectives for podcasting and portable media.
All About Sound, Part 12
The final installment in the introduction to sound technology from Scott Janus' book "Audio in the 21st Century" (courtesy of Audio DesignLine). I'll probably want to cover some of these topics in a little more detail in future
Cirque in Macau; TAO & Other Mega Club Expansions; The y Cover
With the debut of Cover Girls as the new late night entertainment offering Unlike other topless titillations, Cover Girls raises the bar with its cast of theater-style seats and the newest in digital audio and visual technology.
Re: JVC service or questions
My JVC GR-D33U scts like the lense cover is on - will record sound but no picture through the viewfinder or the lcd screen - help
Re: Sony DSC MVC camera repairs
Hi, I need a battery cover for a Sony Cybershot DSC W50. Can you help
Apple Xserve: The final review
be used with FireWire video and audio devices and with external FireWire storage. A thin plastic shield covers the CPUs and creates a couple of broad I was troubled by one focused hot spot of 108 degrees on the top cover,
Punk Bands Cover Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Classics: Audio Available
Punk bands NICOTINE (Japan) and SUN EATS HOURS (Italy) have teamed up to record a split album, "Metal Addiction", featuring covers of heavy metal classics
New Song! Modest Mouse!
Despite the rough live recording via camera audio, it still manages to heighten my Califone - South Of Heaven (Slayer Cover) [MP3] Ben Lee - Float On (Modest Mouse Cover) [MP3] The Smiths - Across The Universe (Live Beatles Cover
SF Tidbits for 11/10/06
(See SF Signal review) [via SFF Audio]; Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett) has a blog. [via Big Dumb Object]; The back cover of the comic Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse #4 features Harlan Ellison as a corpse. Adventures in Scifi Publishing

CoverPlanet ® Copertine CD, Cover Audio, Cover DVD, Cover VHS, PS
Sito dedicato al mondo delle copertine (90000 e piu'), con cover CD Audio, cover PC, cover PSX, cover PSX2, cover VHS, cover DVD; forum per le richieste,
Cover per Cd
Buon sito con una vasta gamma di cover per Cd audio, ordinati per lettera. Sito dedicato al mondo delle copertine, con cover CD Audio, PC.
Cover Audio Labels Covers
Coverworld 40.000 REAL Labels. Search engine to locate CD covers and labels of all types. The most complete site with Audio Covers, Dreamcast Covers,
cd covers search engine megasearch (psx audio pc vcd psx2 dvd
megasearch, The cd covers search engine for playstation (psx), audio, dreamcast, dvd, pc, playstation 2 and video cd covers.
Copertine CD | CD Cover - 4you Gratis
Un bellissimo sito dove troverai moltissime copertine CD audio dei più famosi cantanti italiani e stranieri. Tutto Copertine Tantissime cover a tua

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