21/11/2002 News
An unreleased ATRAX MORGUE track called "Narcosi da Cloruro di Etile" will be released in the forthcoming double CD compilation 'at the end of the rope' by CHONDRITIC SOUNDS focused on sexual asphyxia and auto-erotic asphixiation. grey@sinkhole.net

ATRAX MORGUE have recorded in september 2002 a new work "CLOSE TO A CORPSE" These recordings was especially created for the project: DE ARTIS CORPORE ACCADEMIA AUTOPTICA. The CDR is just instrumental synth and it is not available for sale at the moment.

The new ATRAX MORGUE CD "Death-Orgasm Connector" is finally available after a long time of waiting caused also by a drawback made by the printing factory. The CD featuring 10 new tracks. Clear, obsessive, schizophrenic and minimal electronic violence; the sound is killed once more, and in a better way. The CD have received by now a very good response from people. Released in a limited edition of 500 copies on Slaughter Productions.

A new unreleased ATRAX MORGUE track called "NERVESHATTER 2" is enclosed in the 3 CD sampler "DON'T HUNT WHAT YOU CAN'T KILL" edited by the german label: L.WHITE RECORDS (info@lwhite-records.de) and featuring a lot of interesting powerelectronics/noise artists of today's scene.

A live action is scheduled for the 4 january 2003 (h. 20, 30) at the: IIí CONGRESSO POST-INDUSTRIALE ITALIANO , an evening of uncompromising & best quality italo-harsh-industrial featuring live: ATRAX MORGUE / BAD SECTOR /I BURN / MACELLERIA MOBILE DI MEZZANOTTE / WERTHAM . More infos: www.energyzone.it.
2 new ATRAX MORGUE tracks: "MYSELF AS A CORPSE" and "CYANIDE AND CONSCIOUSNESS" will be issued on a CDR sampler made especially for this event and strictly limited to 100 copies released by OLD EUROPA CAFE and available during the evening.

the track " MYSELF AS A CORPSE" is also issued in a different version on a 3 tape box sampler titled: "Field Tales" and edited by the promising US label Hospital.

ATRAX MORGUE is currently working on the the new studio album called "NO MORE" that will be released by Amplexus in 2003.

Old News
Atrax Morgue will perform: 29 june 2002, Karma, Livorno
Another performance is in Rome, 2 june 2002, Sonica (via Vacuna 98 Roma Zona Stazione Tiburtina) First Room: Exploitation and S/M videos, Second Room: Concert + Disco Power Electronics. Infoline: 3400569408
Atrax Morgue will perform: 18 may 2002 Teatro Comunale di Massafra (TA) - info:333 4094861 Massimo
New Atrax Morgue photos added to the gallery.
A new ATRAX MORGUE interview is published in WHITE NOISE webzine.
A new re-issue of 2 tapes from 1995: "Basic Autopsy Procedure" and "Homicidal Texture" are now available into one CDR format of 55 minutes. These works are particulary about forensic matters: "Basic Autopsy Procedure" is a work in 5 sektions dedicated to the autopsy and the sounds are used in a morbid and clinical mood... Its create the perfect soundtrack for a dissecting room. Also "Homicidal Texture" is work that takes ispiration from the morgue and the atmospheres inside an hospital. These recordings are only instrumental with no voice, like "Sickness Report" that was released by Relapse Records in 1995.

A new ATRAX MORGUE CDR re-issue on Slaughter Productions is "Collection in Formaldeide" from 1994. In this early work Atrax Morgue express a sort of "psychopathology of sounds" obsessed by images of hospitals, aseptic rooms, cadavers and smell of formladheide. The result is a very clear aseptic and repetitive powerelectronics that can lead to a real psychotic reaction. Comes in DVD transparent case with surgical gloves and needles.

MORDER MACHINE (Atrax Morgue) will perform live the 1° of February 2002 at Hinoeuma Club in London. The same night will also play: ...TODAY, I'M DEAD. For further information contact: hagshadow@freeuk.com

I have recorded a new full-lengh album, in spring/summer 2001. It is called "DEATH-ORGASM CONNECTOR". I will release it on CD on Slaughter Productions as soon as i will get some money.