In the eighties the most innovative take on the cosmic language came perhaps from Italy with Deca's "Claustrophobia"
Piero Scaruffi in History of Rock Music

Deca is one of the finest Italian musicians because of a thirty-year experience in producing electronic music and great electronic albums
Francesco Nunziata - Ondarock

Deca’s dreamy world and romantic atmospheres are smoothly intermingled with brilliant musical provocations. His electronical experimentations swing from visionary to sacred yet express our daily fears and tensions vividly.
Gino Tozzini - Rockerilla

Deca’s choices express nuances of a much wider cultural platform, from music to philosophy.
Franco Xibilia - Rockerilla

Deca’s music narrates of sideral scenarios that lead our mind to a deeper state of consciousness and invite us to wander in a limitless musical universe.
Aldo Chimenti - Rockerilla

“Simbionte” is one of the best 100 Italian cd’s ever produced. Everyone should have a copy in their collection.
Claudio Fabretti - Ondarock

The attempt of “Claustrophobia” to exorcise the author’s inner fears successfully shifted into the great fresco of universal horrors represented in the following release, “Premonizione Humana”. Here the violent emotions and the apocalypict visions are revealed through an oneiric filter, which pertains to most of Deca’s works.
Antonio Bartoccetti - Musik Research

Deca’s music could be considered as “pure” because it is not strictly based on the standardized compositional rules. It is more, in fact, about a genial and intuitive alchemy of sounds.
Christian Rossi - Stereofonia

“Phantom” is an impressive work for the richness of its sounds and the complexity of its musical structures. Its tracks are enjoyable and enrapturing, as they express the author’s innovative talent for combining tones and impulses. The result is a hypnotic atmosphere that reaffirms a mystery that is not intended to be revealed.
Aldo Chimenti - Rockerilla

“Phantom” expresses the author’s suffered committment to his experimentations. This cd is an excellent product for all lovers of electronic music.
Maurizio Pustianaz - DLK Chain Magazine

The structure of “Claustrophofia” is hard to define, as it goes beyond all the decoded genres and the criteria generally acknowledged by most of the acclaimed musicians.
Doris Macchi - Sound Planet

“Electronauta” is a successful example of electronic manipulation. Deca reveals a great creativity and shows to be a worthy epigone of synth-pop, Kraftwerk and Clock DVA.
Aldo Chimenti - Rockerilla

Deca is regarded as a musician for a priviledged, restricted audience. He composes remarkable “soundtracks of the mind”; it is just a shame that his cd’s are hard to find on the market.
Gabriele Ferraris - Tuttolibri/La Stampa

“Simbionte” is far away from pop music, as its assumptions are totally different. In order to enjoy this cd, in fact, you need to listen to it carefully and be involved at a deeper level..
Giampaolo Gulli - Il Secolo XIX

Deca is an eclectic musician. His experiments succefully range from electronic music to pianistic compositions, as he does not show any interest in following popular trends..
Fabiano Balinesi - Ondarock

Deca is considered to be one of the finest composers of electronic urban underground.
Lino Terlati - Drive Magazine

Deca is one of those few musicians who renew their style successfully on constant basis. It is impressive to notice that over his long career, each one of his cd’s has revealed to be a musical masterpiece.
Fabio Sartirani - Debris

“Simbionte” is an amazing work, totally different from what we usually consider as electronic music.
Franco Damiani - MusicMag