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Lake Garda between history, culture and nature

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Lake Garda

 Shaped by the last Ice Age, Lake Garda has always fascinated its visitors, starting with its first visitor and enthusiast Wolfgang Goethe, who saw it in 1786.

 Lake Benacus (as it was called by the Romans and celebrated by one of their most illustrious poets, Catullus) is the biggest and the most typical of all of the pre-alpine lakes.

Its particular shade of sky-blue and the varied landscape which surrounds it has made it unforgettable. The southern section of the lake, embraced by the gentle slopes of the Riviera of Olives, looks decidedly Mediterranean, however, just a few kilometres north where Monte Baldo rises above it, it completely changes character and turns into a narrow fiord.

Rocks and steep cliffs surmounted by castles and ancient churches steeped in history stand guard over suggestive and graceful little ports.

Tourists are offered all kinds of trips on and around the lake and through the surrounding territory: cultural trips, nature walks, sporting activities and sight-seeing.

In order to fully appreciate the lake's beauty, leave your car and take a trip on one of Navigarda ferries, preferably choosing the slower itineraries which include almost all the ports on the Veronese shoreline where you can take spectacular snap-shots of the scenery.

Once you've reached Malcesine, take the cable-car (the new Malcesine - Tratto Spino rotating cable car) and from a height of 1760 metres you have a unique and breathtaking view of the lake.

If you are adventurous or simply a bike enthusiast, you can use the provincial buses. You can bring your bike on the bus and then go up to Monte Baldo's summit by cable-car with your bike in tow.



Location of Lake

Peschiera del Garda, Affi, Bardolino, Brenzone, Garda, Lasize, Malcesine, Pastrengo, Torri del Benaco, Valeggio sul Mincio to the most interesting features of the Lake and other places where you can admire and enjoy one of the most important natural landscapes north of the country.



Getting around

Historical and cultural itineraries - The most striking episodes of the Risorgimento took place in these places, there are many museums are the Museum of the Risorgimento as in Villafranca, the gravestones and memorials, such as the Ossuary Custoza, especially the countryside.


Wine-Tasting and gastronomical itineraries - One can explore the artistic heritage of the area whilst getting to know the local traditions of its people through the smells, colours an flavours of its mouth-watering cuisine.


Wandering trough nature - Not to be missed the countless guided excursions amoung the nature which captivate every visitor. They can count on many people, experts which are fond of their land.

Excursions by bike - Go to your local IAT office which can provide you with all kinds of maps featuring routes on and around the lake, up and down Monte Baldo, the Lessinian Mountains, the Valpolicella's hills and even the Eastern part of the Province and the plains.


Peschiera del Garda

Peschiera del Garda is well-known for the first italian amusement park Gardaland wich lies in Castelnuovo del Garda, but first you should go and visit this unique and surprising walled town on the lake...


Getting there

Leaving the motorway exit Peschiera del Garda, turn right towards Brescia-Sirmione. Continue straight on Route 11 for 2 km to the lights of St. Benedetto di Lugana (village of Peschiera del Garda). At the traffic lights turn right and you're road Bergamini. Proceed until number 47 on the left down to 50 meters from the lake (there is a gate with the letters B & B very large colored red).

- Bus Stop 300 meters. from the B & B
- Railway station 3 km
- Verona Airport 15 km
- Brescia Airport 35 km
- Bergamo Airport 85 kilometers



Strada Bergamini, 47 - S. Benedetto di Lugana - Peschiera del Garda (VR) is located in a villa on the shores of Lake Garda - map link - surrounded by a lovely garden. Downstairs there is a great beach and a beautiful walk-label, through a small park with reeds, teeming with waterfowl. Are also games for children, health path, picnic area, bars, pizzerias and restaurants.

From B & B you can leave for excursions on foot or by bicycle. There are numerous attractions nearby: a 7 km is the thermal Colà Park (Lazise) Cedar Villa, 5 km baths of Sirmione, 5 km parks Gardaland and Caneva World, Movieland, the beautiful 25 km Verona, 45 km to the city of Mantua and 120 km the beautiful city of Venice.



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