A Sampling of the Divine Appeals

"I am Jesus who loves so tenderly. I cannot stand seeing souls eternally lost".


(8th May, 1988)


I am very present in every consecrated Host. By replication of my presence in each particle all over the world, I dwell and abide sacramentally.. This is the very and universal presence of My Divine Love.


To the souls consecrated to Me, I am a stranger. Many come before my Tabernacle while in front of Me and looking at and loving them, they turn their mind and attention. Many possess the devil willingly within them. They come before My Mysteries, receive Me, then cast Me at the feet of the devil to whom they have consecrated themselves. As I am exposed I will pour the treasures of My infinite mercy in the human souls.


I give My blessings.


(14th July, 1988)


In the Sacrament of My Love, I represent Myself completely in the form of a banquet. In each particle of the Blessed Host, I am very present just as I am at the right hand of the Eternal Father. I leave Myself in this mystery in order to give souls good and blessed chance to practice true faith; so that souls may know my mysteries so stupendous. It is my great love for mankind that keeps Me in this form and exposed to all the humiliations. As I am exposed, I will pour the treasures of My infinite Mercy in the human souls.


(26th July, 1988)


"My love cannot be overcome by any obstacle. I was conceived by love so that mankind may prepare themselves for great mysteries. I love mankind so much and this gives Me great joy to stay among mankind under the form of food. I willed that upon earth souls may share in My sacramental life, where I dispose Myself and remain day and night in the prison of My tabernacle. I love mankind so much. I need them to know that love does not rest until it has given and united itself to the object it loves.


"The Sacrament of My Love I a mystery which exceeds all powers. I hide my countenance so that man may have a good chance to practice faith."


(25th July, 1988)


"In the Sacrament of My love, I prefer to remain under the appearance of bread that mankind on earth may rejoice and share My Divine life in heaven."


"I am in agony and I pour My tears of Blood as I see souls turning to perdition. In the Divine Sacrament, I am very present. The Angels in heaven are astonished at My great love which makes Me abide on earth with mankind under the appearance of bread


(2nd July, 1988)


"I warn this world, full of horrors, for which a tremendous punishment is prepared. The thin line that separates it from the precipice will break; there will be no other way to salvation because there are many who do not want to hear My Call."


(24th October, 1987)


"Materialism advances on all sides with unbridles corruption and has pushed mankind towards a frightful abyss of devastation. Immersed in a chain of scandals, the world is a swamp land of muck and mire. It will be at the mercy of the most severe trials of Divine Justice.


(7th December, 1987)


"My warning is strict; it is not a order to condemn the world. On the contrary, I want to save souls by My messages in many different parts of the world. The moment has come when I must warn mankind in order to avoid a catastrophe. Those who do not want to follow My Mercy will perish at the end. The only things which can still save are prayer and penance."


(5th December, 1987)