For several years, and particularly of recent, many private revelations have been reported in various countries of Africa. We have heard about the apparitions of Jesus or the Blessed Virgin Mary, but none of these apparitions have been researched into and brought to the notice of the wider public. I have been wondering why this is so.

For the past five years, I have been studying most of these apparitions (Otukpor, Enugu, Kibeho in Rwanda, Cairo). I found most of them enlightening. I have, therefore, after the most careful consideration, undertaken to edit and send for publication the revelations made to a 25-year-old Kenyan girl, now a professed Sister of the Pious Union of Daughters of Jesus, the Good Shepherd, founded by His Grace Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo (Special Delegate Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Migrant and Itinerants, Vatican City). The following points ought to be carefully noted:

  1. I am aware that some people might shudder at these revelations, and might be saying to themselves "how can this come from an African girl?" However, I do not think the question need arise, for in listening to the testimonies of people about their various experiences of God, what matters is what is said and not who said it.
  2. It is important also to reflect on the fact that Anna Ali is a girl of limited education (She reached Form 4 in a secondary school). Her studies were interrupted by ill-health. When she was eventually healed through the prayer of Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo, she traveled to Rome with the sole purpose of giving her life to God within a religious congregation.
  3. While at school, Anna had always wanted to be a religious but did not confide her desire in anyone as she thought that a sick person could not be a religious as well. As she said, "you cannot be a sick girl and go into the convent."
  4. If there is serious doubt about Anna Ali’s claims to have seen Jesus, the messages she has received from Him containing such theological insights which surpass her level of education, make her claims plausible. I do not wish to comment on the Messages. I leave that to the reader.
  5. It should be noted that this is a private revelation. It is the Holy Catholic Church who has the final say on Anna Ali’s claims. However, by editing it for publication, I am simply presenting what I consider to be a re-affirmation of the truth which should demand the attention of persons interested in the issues which effect the Holy Eucharist. The messages do not present a new theology on the Holy Eucharist; the whole focus is on the renewal of the traditional Eucharistic devotion.
  6. When the Lord complains about His consecrated souls, he has in mind SOME and not ALL the consecrated souls and ministers of word and sacraments. This can be asserted without a doubt for it is unthinkable that every consecrated soul or minister in the Church is guilty of sacrilege or is immoral. This becomes clearer in the Lord’s statement: "The good ones do not understand Me as I am" (Divine Appeal 58, 15th December 1987). And again, "Most of my ministers…" (see Divine Appeal, 17th October, 1987 and 9th June, 1988).
  7. On the whole, the indictments, complaints and appeals by the Lord are meant to call us to conversion; a person of wisdom does not argue a clarion call to conversion. The Lord said to Sr. Anna: "My word is a command. It serves to save humanity." (Divine Appeal, 5th October, 1987).
  8. Messages which express regret on the moral condition of the church of our times has been omitted as it was felt they are not directly relevant to the central theme of the book, namely Eucharistic devotion.
  9. Messages calling on the Catholic Church to return to Eucharistic devotion, and "drugged" humanity to metanoia are highlighted.
  10. Traditionalists would certainly rejoice to read here the Lord’s Appeal to a return to the Eucharistic devotion (see also Code of Canon Law 934-944).
  11. Observe that in the first edition of this book, I promised that a "detailed account" of the photographs of Jesus which He permitted to us to have through Sr. Anna, will be given in a subsequent publication. I have honoured this promise in this second edition of the book.

[Jude O. Mbukanma]

  2. 9th September, 1991

    AA = Anna Ali

    JM = (Reverend) Jude Mbukanma, O.P.

    Sr. Anna made her first religious profession in the Pious Union of Jesus the Good Shepherd in the Chapel of Visitation Sisters of Mother Claudio Russo on 7th September, 1991, Rome. The Founder of this Pious Union, Archbishop Milingo received the vows. Sr. Anna Ali is one of the first sisters to be received into the Union.

    On 9th September 1991, I had a interview with Sr. Anna on her experiences with the Lord. What I have written here was all that she could discuss with me. In talking to her, I was guided by the statement of the Bible:

    "It’s a good idea to keep a King’s secret, but what God does should be told everywhere, so that he may be praised and honoured" (Tobit 12:7)

    JM: I would like to record some information about your life and experiences.

    AA: Perhaps this is the right time, after my religious profession as I am now a Sister. (Anna always called her religious profession, the "secret" or the "dream" of her life).

    JM: When and where were you born, and who were your parents?

    AA: Date of Birth: 29th December, 1966

    Place: Kipkelion, in Kericho District

    Country: Kenya

    JM: In Africa, most parents give their children names at birth and choose a saint’s name for such children at baptism. Is this the case with you?

    AA: Yes, I had my Moslem and then baptismal name. I was named Hadija (I am known as Hadija at home); at baptism, I took Anna.

    Father’s Name: Ali Abdulrahmani

    Mother’s Name: Priscah Nyambura

    JM: How many brothers and sisters do you have?

    AA: Two brothers (Abdulrahmani [Moslem] and Anthony Njoroge Amisi [Catholic]); and two sisters (Caroline Asha and Marianmu Wairimu [Catholic]. I am the first born.

    JM: When were you baptised and when did you first receive Holy Communion?

    AA: I was baptised on 15th April 1979 at Kipkelion Catholic Church and received First Holy Communion at the Easter Vigil in 1979. I was baptised by Abbot Bernard Kaboggoza, a Ugandan Trappist.

    JM: What was your experience on that occasion?

    AA: I felt inner joy and peace in a way I cannot explain.

    JM: By whom and where were you confirmed?

    AA: I was confirmed by Bishop Raphael Ndingi at Kipkelion Parish. My confirmation name is Scholastica.

    JM: What school did you attend and what qualifications did you obtain?

    AA: I attended Kipkelion Primary School and Koru Girl’s Secondary School (run by the Sisters of Mercy). I studied until Form 4 and obtained a Form 4 Certificate.

    JM: What kind of work did you originally want to do?

    AA: I want to be a catechist and pastoral worker in our parish.

    JM: Did you ever think of becoming a religious sister?

    AA: Yes, I had the urge to become a Reverend Sister. I t was the "dream" and "secret" of my life. But I realised that I could not be a Reverend Sister if I wa sill. So I needed healing

    JM: When did you first think about God in your life?

    AA: I was brought up as a Moslem child. My father was a devout Moslem but her left my mother to practice her Catholic faith.

    JM: Had you any childhood experiences of Jesus?

    AA: None.

    AA: I first heard of the Archbishop in 1981. I have always wanted to meet him since I needed to be healed. So when I heard that he was in Nairobi in December 1983, I told my mother. She did not hesitate to give me transport money. I travelled to Nairobi. It was in December 1983, but I have forgotten the date.

    JM: Did you go with any other person?

    AA: No

    JM: Why were you eager to meet with His Grace?

    AA: I was sick. I bled both in my fingers and toes for seven years. My mother and I came close to accepting it since the hospital could not do anything about it: It was at this point that I met Archbishop Milingo.

    JM: Inspite of this poor health, were you happy in your family?

    AA: Yes, I was very ahppy, I am the first born. My mother cared for me.

    JM: When you met His Grace what happened?

    AA: I met him the first day in Nairobi but he announces that the healing prayer would be in a hall the following day. So I waited for this. The following day I went to the hall. I joined the choir and believed that gave me access to Archbishop Milingo. When it was time for prayers, I went. Someone was trying to tell the Archbishop about my plight but he was already prepared to pray for me anyway. When he prayed on me, I fell on the floor and was carried out to a safe place until I came back to myself. That is how the bleeding stopped. I am now healed.

    JM: Is it true that you had visions of Hosts?

    AA: Yes, I saw them on various occasions in our small bedroom at Porta Angelica, Roma. I saw the Host in the air, close to the wall. This was in May 1987.

    JM: How many times did you see them and what did you do when you saw them?

    AA: As I said before, I saw them on several occasions. Then I reported the matter to my Father-Founder. It was suggested that I took photographs. I did and when it was printed, they came out real. [The Kodak Camera with which she took the photographs of the Sacred Hosts was the very camera which Sr. Anna used to take the photograph of the Adorable Jesus].

    JM: Was anyone present when the Hosts appeared? And at what time did they appear?

    AA: Sr. Regina Mwamba was there most of the times but I do not know if she saw them. As for the time the Hosts appeared, I saw them during the day.

    JM: Is it true that you saw Our Lord Jesus?

    AA: Yes.

    JM: Where and when?

    AA: In the same apartment at Porta Angelica, Rome. I saw Him in early August 1987. He came around 2.30 a.m. 3.00 a.m. He came another time (Corpus Christi, Thursday 1988) in tears of blood.

    JM: How would you describe His Presence?

    AA: He came with His own light. He was enveloped in light, which was of the same hue of the sky when it was deeply blue. His presence illuminated the whole room. He wore a red tunic (the colour of blood), with wide sleeves. He has shining, dark hair.

    JM: What did He say when you saw Him?

    AA: He gave me a message and on His instruction I started writing down the messages.

    JM: Do you still remember the day he appeared and when you first started writing down the messages?

    AA The first message was written on 8th September 1987. But He came first early August 1987 and then on Corpus Christi 1988 [[Sr. Anna Ali shed tears of blood. This became a regular phenomenon since the solmen feast of Corpus Christi, 1988. A comment on this phenomenon of tears of blood as been made in this book.]]– the two occasions I took His picture. He always came at night.

    JM What was His mood when He spoke to you?

    AA He talked to me in a pitiable tone and still does each time He appears. He talks as if He is a beggar.

    JM You took pictures of Jesus. How did you come to do this stupendous thing?

    AA When I reported to my Father-Founder that I was seeing the Lord every night, he asked me to do a sketch. I cannot sketch. So I prayed and my Father-Founder got the idea that I should use my camera. When Our Lord came again that night, I took my camera and took the picture. This was early August 1987. He also appeared to me on Corpus Christi 1988. On this night He was weeping tears of blood. All these appearances took place in the parlour of the apartment [[The Portrait of Jesus in tears of blood was one of the results of the early attempts of Sr. Anna to take in the photograph of Jesus]] at Porta Angelica and in my room in the apartment.

    JM: Was anyone in the parlour with you?

    AA: No one. Some of my fellow postulants were in California doing a short course on Evangelisation during the first appearance in August 1987. Also there was no one there the second time (Corpus Christi 1988) when I took His photograph.

    JM At what time of the night did He appear?

    AA He came around 2.00 a.m. – 3.00 a.m.

    JM Does He still come and at what time?

    AA He comes between 2.00 a.m. – 3.30 a.m. (between midnights of Wednesdays and early hours of Thursdays).

    JM Has He ever come during the day?

    AA No

    JM With whom does He come?

    AA He comes alone.

    JM In appearance, does Jesus look like any other human being?

    AA He is a human eing, but He is different. You look miserable before His holiness. When I saw a Jewish person one day, it reminded me of Him. He is of average height. You cannot describe Him. In His presence, you cannot speak – you are lost.

    JM When Jesus comes to you, does He appear sad, gentle, serious, happy?

    AA When He is giving a message, His voice is pitiable; so He is sad, but it is a sadness of love. On one occasion, He came in tears of blood.

    JM Why was He weeping?

    AA He was in great pain because of the way those to whom He entrusted souls are treating Him. Some of them abuse Him in the Holy Eucharist and want to destroy Him there. They want to abolish the sacrifice of the Holy Mass. He is also unhappy about the spiritual life of souls consecrated to Him and those whose salvation is in danger, and also for many souls for whom His blood is in vain.

    JM When you first saw Jesus, how did you feel?

    AA I cannot explain. It was if I was in a slumber.

    JM Were you full of fear or joy after Jesus had left you?

    AA I kept on thinking about Him. I was not sad or joyful. I was thinking.

    JM Does Jesus still come to you and which days does He come?

    AA He still comes. He comes on Thursdays, at nights.

    JM What does He say each time?

    AA He often asks me to pray for those to whom He has entrusted souls (priests). When I go into prayer, I use many prayers but I cannot remember them when I am not yet in prayer (One such prayer is to be found here)

    JM He long does Jesus stay with you when He comes?

    AA I cannot tell. When He comes, I get caught up by His Holiness and when He leaves, it takes me time to come back to myself. I cannot explain further.

    JM Thank you for sparing the time.

    AA Thank you, Father

    According to Sr. Anna, in view of our Lord’s apparition in tears of blood on the feast of Corpus Christi, 1988, and subsequent apparitions on Thursdays, the feast of Corpus Christi and Holy Thursday (The Institute of the Priesthood and Holy Eucharist) have become significant in her life. She hopes her young Congregation will adopt these feasts as significant in the Congregation.

  4. She became ill at the age of 9 and got healed through prayer by Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo in 1983. This childhood afflictions were preparations for her mission being a victim of reparation. The paradox of God allow a child to go through afflictions in preparation for her specific mission in life is resolved when viewed from the revelations made to St. Gertrude, who herself, was also a Eucharistic soul. According to St. Gertrude, the trials of persons with special mission in life take over occasions of fall (page that Sr. Anna Ali ws afflicted from childhood. It is diffiult to say and believe that afflictions can be a divine way of ensuring that a chosen instrument remains in the divine plan. But that is what happens sometimes.

    While Sr. Anna’s finger and toes no longer bleed, her right hand became weak (almost paralysed) in late 1990, to such a extent that she was unable to take down messages which Jesus dictated. The problem was further worsened when she was in Perugia during July – August 1991, together with her relgious sisters to attend an Italian language course. At the place where they were accommodated she fell down and dislocated her right elbow. At the time of this interview (9th September 1991) she was still suffering from this injury which she sustained from this fall. Chosen souls, and in fact all friends of God will remain targets of the "Red Lucifer" (Rev, 13:17)

    What is Sr. Anna’s specific mission? As far as we can ascertain each recognised visionary within the Catholic Church has a particular message for his/her particular time. The answer to this question comes from the Divine Master Himself. We read in the Divine Appeal of 24th April 1988 of Sr. Anna’s vocation:

    "I want you along my painful path for the good of souls. I will make your desire increase to the point where you will always long to leave the world in order to be with ME forever. I want you to be to be able to recognise ME even in your greatest sufferings. This is your work on earth: to make me realised in the Sacrament of My Love. I will always draw you into this solitude that you may listen to ME and bring ME souls in your prayers" "I use you to show that I love every littleness and absolute nothingness."


    I am hardly surprised that Sr. Anna’s trance is disturbingly prolonged. Those who live with her know that she is a victim soul. The Lord told her on 16th April 1987, at the beginning of the apparitions: "Be a servant of love. Don’t hide my glory. Pray for the scandals in the world. Glorify my Name every day. Don’t be afraid to say My Name. The Devil will come to trouble you. I want your life to be a prayer for the Church and poor sinners, for the many who are suffering as I was suffering" (Recorded by Sr. Regina Mwamba while Sr. Anna was speaking in a trance).

    Today, Sr. Anna lives according to this exhortation. She goes into prayer at 10.00 p.m. every night, praying until dawn (a period of about 7 hours) and then goes to morning Mass. She remains strong and robust and never shows any signs of fatigue.

    Her one concern is the holiness of priests and the reverence of adoration of the Holy Eucharist.


The answer is given by the Lord Himself:

  1. "Listen to me. I am above this earth. I allow myself to be seen after many warnings" (12.15 am, 3rd April 1988; Cf. 11th December 1987).
  2. "I make myself visible in order to bring back souls" (10th April, 1988).
  3. "I love mankind and I make myself visible in order to give my warnings of mercy" (12th April, 1988). [[ Note the distinction between "Warnings of Mercy" and "Warnings of Justice’ in all of the messages.]]
  4. "Many do not listen to me because they do not believe in my reality" (23rd April, 1988).

I find the four reasons to be of theological importance. Jesus wants to evoke faith in His person, for many do not believe in a historical Jesus of Nazareth. They have no faith! In His caring love, Jesus permitted himself to be photographed.

The hidden God who once came in the flesh (Jm. 1:14; Gal. 4:4) and walked on the streets of Palestine, has now begun to make Himself visible once again so that those who doubt His reality will no longer doubt but believe that He is the Living One (Rev. 1:18). He cares. He loves and saves. Countless times He said to Sr. Anna: "I do not want anyone to perish."

Having listened to Sr. Anna Ali’s stories, I will now examine a phenomenon associated with her life and that is the phenomenon of effusion of tears of blood.

  2. Sr. Anna starts her night vigil of prayers at 10.00 pm every day. From midnight of Wednesday until the early hours of Thursday, she sheds tears of blood. This phenomenon of effusion of tears started on the Feast of Corpus Christi, 1988m after she had seen a apparition of Jesus in tears of blood. Our Lord said to Sr. Anna "My daughter, speak when you are amid tears, pray and make others pray, sacrifice, atone. In this way, God’s anger will be appeased."

    In his examination of the cause of "Tears of Blood and Bloody Sweat" Jordan Auman O.P. states that the effusion of blood from the pores of the skin, especially on the face and forehead, or a bloody effusion from the eyes after the manner of tears, may have a merdical explanation. In medical terms, bloody sweat is called hematidros. But according to Dr. Gino, this phenomenon is different from that of "tears of blood." [[Hematidros, blood from the pores of the Skin, is different from "bloody tears" Dr. Gino De Blasi describes the blood from the eyes as "the haemorrhage from eyes)" (see his testimony in this book]]

    There are, all sorts of theories as to the cause of this bloody sweat, however; Fr. Auman, believes that it must be admitted that the bloody sweat can be caused by natural or supernatural powers."[[Jordan Auman; Spiritual Theology, (London: Sheed and Ward, 1980, p. 434).Fr. Auman, does not ascribe, in general, either natural or supernatural causes to the phenomenon of bloody sweat. His cautious position is proper. A good judgement can only be made after a thorough study of each case. The phenomenon could also have a diabolical origin. What can the devil not do to the human body! One should be aware of this as one examines the issue of tears of blood.

    Most thinkers, I imagine, may argue that such a phenomenon in some ways seems closely connected with other states of mind; in other words it may have a dubious psychological and physiological origin.

    In the book, Religion and Medicine: The Moral Control of Nervous Disorder (N. Y.: Moffat, Yard Co., 1908) by Elwood Worcester, et al, it is states that mystical phenomenon of the sort, are simply due to auto-suggestion. By auto-suggestion here is meant "a ‘hint’ offered by the self to the self,’ out of this arises a mental state of heightened suggestibility. Thus by this view, the transcendental visions of Swedenbourg, "his angels and demons, heavens and hells" are but a elaborate and profound auto-suggestions.

    According to Dr. Samuel McComb stigmatization of St. Francis of Assisi, St. Catherine of Siena and Louise Lateau are clearly cases resulting from self-suggestion, a phenomenon inexplicable to psysiology (Ch. IV: Auto-suggestion)

    Dr. McComb’s explanation of the cause of mystical phenomena was fashionable in his time. Sigmund Freud at this time, too, brought psycho-analysis into his analysis of Religion. Incidentally there are psycho-analysts who still hold the views of Dr. McComb today but their theory, apart from being dogmatic, is fallacious for they pick a few cases wherein mental states affect bodily states to propound the theory that mystical phenomena are results of self-suggestion.

    In this book, Uses and Abuses of Psychology, H.J. Eysenck, has similarly pointed out that Freud was guilty of over generalization in his psycho-analysis for "he thought to have divined universal truth from a extremely unrepresentative sample of human beings… Malinowsky has shown with a wealth of detailed illustrations that Freudian theories are very strongly culture-bound, and have to undergo considerable modification if they are to be applied in anyway to other groups and before findings are extended beyond the group on which they were originally established, they must be acceptable proof that such extension is warranted. (H.J. Eysenck, Uses and Abuses of Psychology, Pelican Books, 1955, pp. 236-237

    Dr. McComb’s theory must, be least, be false in many cases of religious experience for it cannot, for example, explain how the mysterious figure Sr. Anna saw several times in the night was able to transmit into the memory of this young girl of limited education the content of this book.

    According to Sr. Anna "the Lord simply dictates the messages to me and then walks away, leaving me to write down what I heard from Him." Swedenborg’s visions of eternal dimensions might have been due to auto-suggestion but Sr. Anna’s visions of the Blessed Hosts and Jesus and the photographs, which are evidences of these apparitions render the theory of auto-suggestion if not wholly false at least antiquated and incapable of explaining varieties of religious experience.

    Sr. Anna sheds tears of blood from the midnight of every Wednesday and during the whole of Thursday. Psychologically, one might be quick to conclude that the effect of her visions of Jesus in bloody tears was so profound in her imaginative faculty that it is now the cause of her own effusion of tears of blood – a psychological theory of suggestibility can easily be evoked here to dismiss and genuine cause of Sr. Anna’s case.

    But the regularity with which her tears of blood have occurred every midnight on Wednesday to the end of Thursday for the past four years puts a question mark on the theory of suggestion.

    Here we must ask a psychological question (thanks to Padre Pio’s humour about his stigmata): If a person looks at the horn of a bull and is overly emotional and taken aghast that a living animal would carry what seems like woods on its head, would the resultant psychological state produce bull horns on the man’s head? Why would suggestibility not work in this respect? Why can’t a person grow horns on his head by sheer process of strong imagination?

    We can imagine a woman depressed on account of the death of her dear son but it is not possible that the woman will be sad every week at the exact time the child died and for the same duration of time she was first sad. It is this weekly character of Sr. Anna’s effusion of blood of tears for some years now, that removes the phenomenon from the sphere of psychology. Furthermore, it is not possible for a person to lose that quantity of blood every week and still remain healthy. This can only happen by a special arrangement of Divine Providence.

    When I asked Dr. Gino De Blasi, the medical doctor of Sr. Anna to give me a report on Sr. Anna’s effusion of bloody tears, he decided instead to write a testimony of another phenomenon which he and many other persons have observed in Sr. Anna’s room particularly between Wednesdays to Thursdays.. This phenomenon is that of "a very intense fragrance, very fresh." The sweet perfume often pervades her room and the apartment where she lives. Before I will make a summary of the messages, here now is Dr. Gino’s testimony in his own writing

    (Graphics Unavailible- G. Mercy)


The following constitute the substance of the entire revelations:

  1. that we should realise the infinite treasure in the Eucharist. What is this treasure? It is that Jesus who is inexpressibly in love with us is truly and really present in the Eucharistic Bread and Wine: "In my Eucharist… I am ever present there waiting with boundless Love."
  2. that the Ministers of this Sacrament of Love should have faith in, and reverence for it. The Lord feels badly disturbed that this is not the case with some of His ministers.
  3. reward awaits those who visit the Blessed Eucharist reposed in the churches: "As I am exposed I will pour infinite mercy in the hears of many souls."
  4. that consecrated souls should no longer offend the Lord. (He is terribly hurt by them) They should be humble and repent. Their sin; "Both hatred and emptiness have fettered them to evil. They do not think of how much pain they cause me." I am very sad….." (Divine Appea, DA 28 – 29, 24/10/87, 2/1/88 and 12/1/88).
  5. freemasons and their apostate priest-collaborators who are committing the sins of sacrilege against the Eucharist should repent now. This applies to all those who steal the Eucharist for diabolic purposes, i.e. for black masses: "Like Judas, they sell me." "Whoever frees himself from this affair will have my forgiveness." (Divine Appeal, 12th October, 1987).
  6. "So many from their childhood years are heading to perdition through the fault of their parents…" (Divine Appeal, 13th October, 1987; 3rd December, 1987).
  7. There is warning: Time will reap what it sows – the Lord’s, "Divine Mercy" will be followed by "Divine Justice." The entire New Testament echoes this hard truth.
  8. The Eucharist ("The Sacrament of My Love"), remains the human person’s infinite treasure. It should not be toyed with. For the sins against the Eucharist, "I want souls to calm the wrath of my Eternal Father. Like a beggar, I ask for prayers and atonement… I suffer the pain of seeing souls falling into perdition."
  9. "Satan has darkened the spirits which had already been turbid. Evil turns against itself, like a horrible serpentine monster that unconsciously coils around souls. What a pain my warnings are not heeded! And the perverse world is like a persecuting dragon." "Well then, everyone prepare yourselves, both good and bad, adult and children, priests and nuns, all humanity. I love them and grant them time."

    (Divine Appeal, 29th October, 1987 – 31st March, 1988).

  10. "I do not want anyone to perish." "…the Eternal Father had waited for the repentance of the masses." "I love mankind. I wish to pour my mercy into human hearts. Blessed are the repentant, for I am love, peace and joy; what a joy for Me to see souls returning!"
  11. The Sovereign Lord said to Sr. Anna, "In the Sacrament of My Love, I am profaned, denied and so much blasphemed" (24th May, 1988). Jesus now calls for atonement. He calls for masses of restitution, an organised chain of prayers and exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. Repeatedly, He said to Sr. Anna "as I am exposed, I will pour the treasures of My infinite Mercy into human souls" (24th May, 1988).
  12. I am very present in every consecrated Host. By replication of my presence in each particle all over the world, I dwell and abide sacramentally. This is the very and universal presence of My Divine Love.
  13. To the souls consecrated to Me, I am a stranger. Many come before my Tabernacle while in front of Me and I looking at and loving them, they turn their mind and attention. Many possess the devil willingly within them. They come before My Mysteries, receive Me, then cast Me at the feet of the devil to whom they have consecrated themselves. As I am exposed I will pour the treasures of My infinite mercy in the human souls.

    I give My blessings.

    (14th July, 1988)

  14. In the Sacrament of My Love, I represent Myself completely in the form of a banquet. In each particle of the Blessed Host, I am very present just as I am at the right hand of the Eternal Father. I leave Myself in this mystery in order to give souls good and blessed chance to practice true faith; so that souls may know my mysteries, so stupendous. It is my great love for mankind that keeps Me in this form and exposed to all the humiliations. As I am exposed, I will pour the treasures of My infinite Mercy in the human souls.
  15. (26th July, 1988)
  16. "Write down what I tell you" (Divine Appeal 118, 13th April, 1988). In Divine Appeal 142 of 11th May 1988, they are called "Words of Mercy towards Mankind."

xv "My Words….. will be printed and read and I will grant special graces" (DA 79 and DA 85 of 7th and 14th February 1988).

xvi "Listen to Me, My daughter, do not be afraid of writing My Words. I, Myself will dictate to you. You cannot put anything down by yourself" (19th June 1988)


A paraphrase of each day’s messages with theological commentaries would have been one way to avoid the boredom which one is likely to experience in reading through the text. Admittedly, the repetition of the core messages is boring to read but it underlines the importance of what is revealed. The Lord said to Sr. Anna "My heart is broken." One way to console Him is to read and listen to what He has to say in the messages. The entire messages are hereby presented as given to me. I have only added punctuation marks where necessary in order to make the reading comprehensible.

The reader will observe that unlike the revelations made to St. Gertrude or St. Catherine of Siena in which one finds them asking the Lord some searching questions, what we have here is not a dialogue but dictation to Sr. Anna. For this reason, one does not see Sr. Anna’s question/remarks in the entire text. She was only told "My daughter, do not hide what I tell you" (11th October, 1987), "make My word echo throughout the whole world" (22nd November 1987). And again, "my words will be printed and read and I will grant special graces." (7th February 1988).

xvii The whole message has an apocalyptic undertone in the Pauline sense of the word: "The Lord is coming soon" (Phil 4.5). Divine Appeal, 29th October 1987 observes "thisis the apocalyptic hour." Whether the text should be read in this light or not depends on what one thinks about "the end" (1 Cor. 15:23-24).

xviii Although the revelations contained in this book were made in a European milieu where most Catholic churches are in use only on Sundays, there is no reason, however, to suggest that the Lord’s complaints and appeals are made only to Catholic churches in the continent of Europe. There are, for example, many Catholic churches in Africa and America that are open for prayers on Sundays. It is this kind of situation that the Lord complains about: "I am so lonely in so many empty churches." Jesus in the Tabernacle wants to be visited and adored )Divine Appeal of 15th and 25th December 1987; 28th January 1988, 1st July 1988).

xix Sr. Anna’s visions followed a sequence:

  1. first, she had series of visions of Blessed Hosts in the apart of His Grace, Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo at Porta Angelica, Rome. One each occasion, a miraculous Host appeared suspended in the air parallel to a wall of the room
  2. the second apparition of Jesus remains the most remarkable for its unique and stupendous nature.
  3. The visions of the miraculous Hosts were followed a year after by the appearance of Christ in tears of blood.

xx. A detailed account of these pictures will be given in a subsequent publication.

Throughout the messages the Lord talks about His "broken Heart" and attributes the cause of His tears of blood to sacrilegious communions – irreverent handling of the Holy Eucharist practiced all over the world. The early Christians were warned about the consequences of this abuse of the sacred Eucharist (1 Cor. 11:28-32; St. Catherine of Siena, Dialogue).

For the purpose of easy reading, each message is numbered beginning with Divine Appeal 1. Crucial statements are highlighted in the daily messages but the reader is encouraged to read and reflect on the various issues raised by the Lord.

I wish to express my deep appreciation to His Grace, Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo for making the manuscripts of these messages available to me.

I thank, too, Sr. Elizabeth Wangui, Mrs. Susan Bancheti and Miss Melanius Collaco for typing the manuscripts.

Jude O. Mbukanna, O.P


15th January 1992