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"My pain is immense. Pray a great deal for the Church."
 "My daughter, listen attentively to what I tell you. The times demand accelerated action. My pain is immense. Humanity has not become aware of the scourge that threatens it. They are godless. Many do not know Me. My Own consecrated ones deny Me, abuse and step on Me. It is urgent, atone and pray more. I love you and you must obey My afflicted call. Pray a great deal for the Church. These are times of overwhelming violence. Finally, the earth will fall on the field of and arduous battle. Great offences will befall the….. From the ocean of My Mercy, I am calling everyone to listen to My Voice, to convert and return to My Heart. I want to save all. I have many graces in My Hands. Endeavor to entreat with faith. I hear all and I love all. How can I save mankind if they do not listen to Me? I want them to return to Me. They have to look around at all the darkness and hatred which envelop mankind and repent, come back to My sheepfold, to the truth and the light. This is the time for saving souls. From My Love and Mercy I warn. If mankind does not repent, the earth will open under its feet and there will be no mercy. I will speak with My Judge’s Voice. Prayers must be offered more to appease the anger of My Eternal Father. Mankind moves hastily with raging diabolical evil."

   "In My Name, keep yourself strong. More and more remain with Me in the Sacrament of My Love. Be a living tabernacle in My exposition. I love My work."

    "With My infinite love, I bless you."

3.00 a.m., 24th November, 1987


Note: except the Messages here, all Other Messages in November 1987 are omitted in the third edition of On the Eucharist - A Divine Appeal


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