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List of known Pentax prototypes (1)

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aflxprot0t.jpg (5954 byte)

Asahiflex (1951)
This picture of the Asahiflex prototype was published in Pentax Family magazine.

aflxprot1t.jpg (7711 byte)

Pentaprism Asahiflex (1954)
This picture of an early prototype pentaprism Asahiflex was published in December 1954 in a Japanese magazine.

aflxprot2t.jpg (7525 byte)

Pentaprism Asahiflex (circa 1956)
This picture of a late prototype pentaprism Asahiflex was published in June 1980 in a Japanese special issue volume dedicated to Asahi Opt.Co. Ltd.

spot01t.jpg (6664 byte)

Spot-Matic (1960)
World's first SLR featuring TTL metering and spot metering. Also, the exposure meter was already coupled with both aperture and shutter, thus fully anticipating modern camera meters.

mett.jpg (6448 byte)

Metalica (1960)
Built around the then new Copal Square vertical running metal blade shutter (giving the name to the camera), it featured 27-cell non-TTL selenium meter on pentaprism and bayonet mount. That metering system was already surpassed by the Spot-Matic concept.

k2spet.jpg (8808 byte)

K2 Spot-Eye (circa 1960)
Another variation of the Spot-Matic and another variation of the designation. The development of the Spotmatic saw many improvements over the years, before entering the market.

metii_01t.jpg (6168 byte)

Metalica II (1966)
World's first aperture priority automatic exposure, TTL metering SLR. Bayonet mount and electronic shutter. Again, Asahi brought innovation to the SLR concept, followed years later by all competitors.


Memorica (1966)
World's first TTL shutter priority automatic exposure SLR. Bayonet mount and electronic shutter. Another camera well ahead its time.

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