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Pentax News 2003

25th Sep. 2003
Optio 33LF

PENTAX introduces the all-around digital camera


3rd Sep. 2003
Optio 33WR

Just add water. PENTAX introduces 3.2 megapixel water-resistant zoom digital camera


3rd Sep. 2003
Optio 555

Even faster, more responsive. The new improved 5-megapixel, 5x optical zoom, digital compact camera from PENTAX


3rd Sep. 2003
Optio S4

Not bigger, just better. Tiny, second generation PENTAX Optio S offers four megapixels.

8th Aug. 2003
Two new zoom lenses

PENTAX announces two new zoom lenses, including one covering CCD format only.

8th Aug. 2003

PENTAX unveils long anticipated 6.1 megapixel digital SLR.

2-5 Mar. 2003

PMA 2003

Below are press releases and pictures of the new PENTAX products introduced on occasion of PMA 2003 in Las Vegas.

26th Feb. 2003
Pentax *ist D

Pentax announces new digital SLR camera: long anticipated *ist D offers interchangeable lenses

18th Feb. 2003
smc Pentax-FA 645 Zoom 
150-300 f/5.6 ED (IF)

Autofocus telephoto zoom lens for the 645N and 645NII medium format cameras

18th Feb. 2003

smc Pentax-FA J 28-80mm f/3.5-5.6 AL
smc Pentax-FA J 75-300mm f/4.5-5.6 AL

Autofocus 35mm SLR lenses, ideal for the *ist

18th Feb. 2003

A smaller, lighter 35mm SLR camera packed with features

18th Feb. 2003

Optio 550 & Optio 450

PENTAX digital camera duo offers big advancements in little

18th Feb. 2003

Optio 33L

Optio 33L digital camera with rotating LCD monitor offers so much for so little

23rd Jan. 2003

Espio 140V

PENTAX introduces a high-performance zoom compact camera with 38mm~140mm zoom coverage

8th Jan. 2003

Optio S

New ultra-slim, ultra-light quality digital camera

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