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Report for 12/10/2006
Past 5 Days Snow: 4 Grooming: yes Snowmaking: yes Average Base Depth: 8 Summit Base Depth: 12 Yesterday was a freestyler’s paradise here at Mount Snow, with Un Blanco Gulch opening as the East’s first full terrain park.
Snaux bike's first snow ride
I was tentative about the ride at first, but once I realized that falling in the soft snow doesn't hurt, I found myself riding much better - losing control less often and successfully staying afloat on much longer stretches of trail.
Snow on a Cold Brooklyn Parkway
Sometime during the walking, I stopped in front of a mound of snow and with my finger drew in one continuous line the contour of my face. Asher Lev in snow on a cold Brooklyn parkway. Asher Lev, Hasid. Asher Lev, painter.
Like So Much in Los Angeles, The Snow Is Fake Too
Evan got his first taste of snow on Saturday, smack dab in downtown Los Angeles. But the snow that hit downtown this weekend was strictly man made. But still, it was the closest Evan had come to snow so far.
Snow Day - The end of the day
As our snow day drew to an end, I wish I could say we had a super-fun dinner, but we didn’t. I had already planned Pineapple Salmon Not the way we wanted to end super-fun-first-snow-day. Technorati mcdonalds, parenting, snow day
Maybe “hating” snow is to strong of a word.
Ok, so I am not too fond of snow, or rather driving in it. Snow is cold & wet & gets in the back of my shoes & makes my kitchen floor a mess every day. However, last Thursday after the big snowfall I was standing outside in the dark
Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow
This was due to no snow, after the warmest autumn on record. Many in the ski industry believe Artificial snow making has been suspended as a waste of resources and the season postponed indefinitely. Even resorts with glacier skiing
Snow Barbecue
This change in the weather meant I was for the first time able to take part in yet another traditional Russian pastime: the snow barbecue. This is identical to an ordinary barbecue but it takes place in the snow, and instead of wearing
Starn Studio: Snow Study V
For instance, I wanted one of these Snow Study V pieces we saw at the Photo Miami for myself as soon as I saw it in person. Doug & Mike Starn created this lamintated lamda digital c-print mounted to aluminum, but only made five of them.
Downtown Snow
Pershing Square had its Winter Holiday Festival this weekend and the snow machines were working hard. The Franklin Avenue clan came out to give Evan his first taste of snow. As usual, Ed from View from a Loft has great photos.

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Charles Percy Snow
Scienziato e romanziere, Charles Percy Snow nacque a Leicester Snow è stato autore anche di alcuni saggi di politica della scienza e di alcune commedie.
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Because of all of this activity, Winter Weather Advisories are in effect for the Sierra Nevadas where up to a foot of new snow is possible above 6000 feet.
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These pictures show real snow crystals that fell to earth in Northern Ontario, Alaska, Vermont, the Michigan Upper Peninsula, and the Sierra Nevada
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Footprints in Snow. Emotional Communist. About Me. Name:JR: Location:punk as marxist since 76! View my complete profile. Archives snow: patrol snow , aurora snow , patrol snow , aurora snow , snow
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