The sea!

Il mare  da Volastra

Sea to be watched:
It is difficult to find the right definition, talking about this sea, without risking to diminish its true fascination. We must however specify that a few houses, in Volastra, and only the most recent ones, have a fine view over the sea; the eldest were built mainly not to be spotted from the sea. But you can easily admire, if you move just outside the village, the buildings of Manarola, so close that you almost feel as you are touching them. After a while, on a path crossing the vineyards, you can admire Corniglia and, on the back, Monterosso and Punta del Mesco, western border of Cinqueterre. And, just opposite, at the same level as Volastra’s, it is possible to see the sanctuary of Our Lady of Montenero. Below, a small island, called Tino, just in front of Portovenere.

Vigneti sul mare

About this sea to be watched, we will talk again in the Web space describing the paths. But, here, please let us look at, and appreciate with you, the part of the sea called "the lakes", as it is seen from Volastra; the seaside in Manarola and the transparencies of the water below Volastra, along the marine path to Corniglia.

Il mare  dei laghi

Sea for swimming:
The coast, characterized by cliffs, allows you, thanks to the men’s work, to dive into the blue and clear waters of the Palaedo harbour or to sunbath on the seaside in Manarola; both of these places can be reached from Volastra, by minibus, in less than 10 minutes. Otherwise, with a small extra effort, you can swim in the waters near the rocky beach of Corniglia. From Manarola, it is also possible to embark on one of the many boats that link many places on the coast, or catch a train and move between the villages in Cinqueterre or around Liguria.