RxLib, a REXX interpreter for .NET programs.

REXX was created for using with XEDIT on IBM's VM mainframe operating system. From there in 30 years the language found a solid user base, in- and outside the mainframe world.

This package offers a REXX interpreter for the .NET environment. If you want to give your users the option to extend a .Net application with user-written extensions, this is your solution. I wrote an editor for the programmer, old fashioned, with a command line. How to extend the facilities of the editor? I allow any Rexx-script to be a new command for the editor.

When you allow extensions with Rexx, the script and the application can communicate with each other, exchanging information both ways.

You may download the .NET 3.0 version RxLib . Use it and distribute is as you like.

The download consists of 2 parts:

Download the file, rename the file type from zipped to zip, and unpack all components.

Good luck. Any comments or remarks to a m b u s y @ g m a i l . c o m