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TCPA / Palladium FAQ
Ross Anderson's analysis of Intel's TCPA and Microsoft's Palladium, technologies
for digital rights...

  • The original motivation was digital rights management (DRM): Disney will be able to sell you DVDs that will decrypt and run on a TC platform, but which you won't be able to copy.

  • For example, he will do an authentication protocol with Disney to prove that his machine is a suitable recipient of `Snow White'.

  • This will mean certifying that the PC is currently running an authorised application program - MediaPlayer, DisneyPlayer, whatever - with its NCA properly loaded and shielded by curtained memory against debuggers or other tools that could be used to rip the content.

  • The Disney server then sends encrypted data, with a key that Fritz will use to unseal it.

  • This means that Disney can decide to release its premium content only to a media player whose author agrees to enforce certain conditions.

  • They can involve payment: Disney might insist, for example, that the application collect a dollar every time you view the movie.

  • OK, so there will be winners and losers - Disney might win big, and some smartcard makers might go bust.

    Native Views on Disney's Pocahontas
    Criticism of the animated film and links to more discussions on exploitation and

  • What do they think of the Disney version? -- Not much! -- What Canadian Native people think of it from an article publishd by INAC, the Canadian government Indian and Native Affairs agency (like the U.S.

  • Clicking on the blue quotes below will start an immediate download of the Qwiktime soundbyte interviews, prepared for Disney in the Press Kit for the movie.

  • (Sierra is influenced by Disney who advised them on a game made to go with a mid-80's release Disney featue cartoon, Black Cauldron , derived from Welsh mythology, Chronicles of Prydain .) I'd love to see a feature cartoon made someday by Indian artists.

  • WEB STUFF FROM DISNEY Pocahontas --Big imagemap from which you can send Disney comments, visit "Pocahontas Space" (see below) or get the Press Kit (see below).

  • Totally leaky! Yes, Disney needs a consultant like me, and I need money, too! But I told 'em for free, fixit.

  • Hey, Disney, hire Carlos as a consultant for this section.

  • Unlike me--I spent about 15 hours reducing the screen pix I used so they'd load fast as possible--the high-priced Disney talent didn't do that.

  • I'm more watching out for Disney Corp.

  • lawyers than checks! (Disney is known as a rather horrible employer and they tend to sue everybody in sight.) --Interviews of all the major people connected with the film, including the only 2 Indians involved: Russell Means (Pine Ridge, SD, Lakota, AIM leader, voice of Powhatan) and Irene Bedard (I'm uncertain of her tribe, she describes herself as a "Native American from Alaska" without mentioning her tribe).


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    Native American Sites - Gateway
    300+ web pages of Native American resource materials, original publications and

    The Wallpaper Ring
    Directory of 209 sites focusing on desktop wallpaper, backgrounds and web graphics.

    Microsoft vs. Disney
    Parody news story of a trademark violation.

    Yahoo Movies: Toy Story 2
    Cast and plot information, release dates, and preview commentary.


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    A Conversation with Alan Kay: Big Talk with the Creator of ...
    Historical perspective on personal computing, programming languages, from one of
    the industry’s...

  • After leaving Xerox PARC, Kay went on to become chief scientist of Atari, a Fellow of Apple Computer, and vice president of research and development at The Walt Disney Company.

    Alan Kay
    Biography, photographs, and references for one of the foreground characters of
    the personal computer...

    So You Wanna - Animated Movies
    Synopsis and review of several Disney animated films.

    Boing Boing
    A directory of wonderful things.


    Fantasia (1941)
    Detailed summary of the movie's various parts, including Deems Taylor's narration.
    Includes evalation...

  • Fantasia (1940) , a Disney animated feature-length "concert" film milestone, is an experimental film integrating eight magnificent classical musical compositions with enchanting, exhilarating, and imaginative, artistically-choreographed animation.

  • This Disney production was an ambitious experiment to try to popularize classical music, especially by accompanying it with animation.

  • 2 , alongside Hans Christian Andersen's short story The Steadfast Tin Soldier , about a one-legged toy soldier coming to life to save a music-box ballerina from an evil Jack-in-the-box Camille Saint-Saëns' Carnival of the Animals , with a flock of yoyo-playing flamingos a reprise of Paul Dukas' The Sorcerer's Apprentice sequence from the original film Edward Elgar's Pomp and Circumstance March, featuring the Noah's Ark story with Donald Duck as an assistant the climactic 1919 version of Igor Stravinsky's Firebird Suite , about the death (by volcano) and Spring rebirth (aided by a magical sprite) of a forest A variation on this type of film was Disney's own 'unofficial' sequel Make Mine Music (1946) , its 8th full-length animated feature, that substituted pop music for the classics.

    Ebert, Roger - Tron
    One of several films reviewed for his Overlooked Film Festival feature in the
    Chicago Sun-Times.

  • Tron By Roger Ebert , 4.0 stars out of 4 US (1982): Science Fiction/Animated 96 min, Rated PG, Color, Available on videocassette and laserdisc The interior of a computer is a fine and private place, but none, I fear, do there embrace, except in TRON, a dazzling movie from Walt Disney in which computers have been used to make themselves romantic and glamorous.

  • Using computers as their tools, the Disney filmmakers literally have been able to imagine any fictional landscape, and then have it, through an animated computer program.

    Cartoon Brew
    Weblog of animation historian Jerry Beck and Amid Amidi of Animation Blast.

  • CBS was also competing with ABC, who had a big gun - Walt Disney - winning the ratings on Wednesday nights .

  • CBS CARTOON THEATRE was offering new cartoon entertainment directly opposite Disneyland reruns.

  • But having an appealing host in an office setting (the same set-up as the Disney hour), didn't fool anyone.

  • These were lowball Terrytoons, not Disney mini masterpieces.

  • It seems clear from this clip that Trocadero's producers had hoped to get someone like Walt Disney, or Max Fleischer himself, thus the gag involving a "Koko the clown" like character - credited in the opening titles as "Snippy"! This final bit (below) is the last scene in the film! Dave gets to close the film with "Snippy" (unfortunately this TV print obliterates the original end title - but you get the idea).

  • is a storyboard artist at Disney, and his posts offer superb pointers on drawing, design, composition and boarding.

  • Licensing Show of a new vinyl toy of Oswald Rabbit (above, left), displayed at the Disney Booth.

  • I'm still trying to figure out what rights Disney got to Oswald.

  • In addition to the 26 Disney silent cartoons, they also got the merchandising rights.

  • He started working at Disney in the 1950s and is still there today.

  • Watch a Windows Media Player version of the film and find out more about the filmmakers at their personal website June 25, 2006 Disney Artist Documentaries Posted by AMID at WOW—this totally made my morning! Sheridan student has been posting on YouTube the Disney "Family Album" TV shows.

    The 80's Movies Rewind
    Overview of the film includes trivia, filming locations, memorabilia information,
    and related links.

  • The film was shopped around to multiple studios until Walt Disney Studios became intrigued by the idea and decided to produce it.

  • Being at Walt Disney Studios was a natural advantage for this.

  • One of the Walt Disney Studio's "Imagineers" (as they call them) working on "Tron" was an aspiring filmmaker named John Lasseter.

  • Seeing the potential of Computer Generated Image animation for the movies, John dreamed of doing a completely CGI animated film, but Disney couldn't afford it due to a hostile takeover bid in 1984 (which the company survived).

  • So John left Disney and in 1987 founded Pixar Animations, producing short CGI films, until returning to Disney in 1992.

  • Since then, Disney and Pixar have collaborated and had four successful feature length, fully CGI-animated movies: "Toy Story 1 & 2" (1995 & 1999), "A Bug's Life" (1998), and "Monsters Inc." (2001).

  • release), when Alan and Laura meet Flynn at his arcade right after he beats his game, you can see the boom microphone appear at the bottom of the shot, right after he (Flynn) claps his hands as he greets them -- this has been removed in the 20th anniversary release.[ Thanks to Darrell Fulwilder] Back in the early 80's, prior to "", Disney was having a hard time getting celebrity actors to act in their movies.

  • Year: Studio: Walt Disney Studios Director: Starring: , , , , , - - Genre: + Very cool and Ahead of it's time.

  • Page Updated: 6/07/2006 v2.7 << Choose Another Movie ? | Tron and all movie images are ©1982 Walt Disney Studios.

    Includes review, news, screen shots and cheat codes.

    The Pooh Files
    "The court battle between the Walt Disney Co. and a Beverly Hills family may be
    now approaching trial...

    New York Times
    Elvis Mitchell expects an Oscar nomination for the film in this positive review.
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    Waxin' Lyrical
    Traslations of various Anime, Game, Jpop Japanese song lyrics into English.

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