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  • . Othello in Disney World

    Talking with Con Pederson
  • . The next thing you know, I was vacuumed up by Disney
  • . WM: So Disney hired you? CP: Yes, I took my student films there
  • . My instructor at UCLA, Bill Shull, who had worked at Disney, thought they might be interested in hiring me, primarily because at that point I'd already written science fiction and gotten heavily immersed in rocketry and that sort of thing
  • . They had shipped me off to the First Armor Division in Louisiana, from which nobody was ever known to escape short of their time, but Walt Disney personally brought me to the attention of Werner von Braun because they had just got an animation camera there and didn't know how to use it
  • . CP: Yes, but when I got out, I went back to UCLA to finish my graduate work, moonlighting part time at Disney for awhile

    Pirates of the Caribbean Script
  • . The Disney book uses 'parley' so that's the one I'll be using

    Hollywood Jesus: Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
  • . Publicity information and images © 2003 Disney Enterprises, Inc


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    HARO Online: Pinocchio
  • . It is a more faithful representation of Collodi's source material than what most people are familiar with (probably the Disney version)

    Jabootu's Bad Movie Dimension: Boxing Helena
  • . Is Nick on some weird Disney ride? Oh wait, that's just the camera winding around and around the phone booth

    Kamera.co.uk - Baise Moi
  • . Judging by the responses, some it did, others it didn't - for the latter we still have Disney and big Arnold's efforts

    Rotten Tomatoes: Elling
  • . Everyone's favorite real-life Disney princess continues branching out into more adult roles; her latest is "." 84% 84% Reviews Counted: 55 46 9 7.1/10 "" ( 1-35 ) of 55 , sorted by last name a-z Page > | "The movie ultimately relies a bit too heavily on grandstanding, emotional, Rocky -like moments ..

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    Bright Lights Film Journal
  • . Toad in Disney’s animated version of The Wind in the Willows

    Allscifi.com: Forbidden Planet
  • . The fact that it was released in 1956, employs holographic special effects and premier animation created by Walt Disney, as well as electronic music accompanying a Cinemascope production, makes this film unique and the movie by which Science Ficton films are measured...and usually pale in comparison

    Yahoo! Movies: Freaky Friday
  • . Or Movie Lists This movie appears on these lists • by • by • by • by • by Release Date: August 6th, 2003 (wide) (that's a Wednesday) Release Date Note: (12/16/02) Disney's original target date was August 1st, 2003, but they've decided to aim for October 10th instead
  • . (4/21/03) Disney has adjusted the date by just a few days, pushing it from August 1st to the following Wednesday, August 6th
  • . Nominations: Best Actress-Musical or Comedy (Curtis) (2003 Golden Globes) MPAA Rating: PG (for mild thematic elements and some language) Distributor: Walt Disney Pictures Production Company: Gunn Films (, ; also has a remake of 'Escape to Witch Mountain' in development; preview page coming soon) Cast: , (Annabel Andrews), , , , , Julie Gonzalo, , Haley Hudson, Ryan Mulgarini Cast Notes: (7/22/02) The teen lead of Annabel hasn't been announced yet
  • . Personally, I think what made Disney's work was Lindsay Lohan (then a pre-teen), who is now 16..
  • . Disney agreed! According to "The Hollywood Reporter", Lindsay Lohan has indeed signed on to play Annabel

    LLRocks: Freaky Friday
  • . WALT DISNEY PICTURES Production Notes: Walt Disney Pictures' "FREAKY FRIDAY" Begins Principal Photography Principal photography began October 5, 2002 on Walt Disney Pictures' comedy, "Freaky Friday, " starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Lindsay Lohan, Mark Harmon, Harold Gould and Chad Michael Murray
  • . Lindsay Lohan ("Anna Coleman") gained international recognition in 1998 for her feature film debut playing twin sisters in Walt Disney Pictures' "The Parent Trap" starring Dennis Quaid and Natasha Richardson
  • . On television she co-starred with Tyra Banks in the Wonderful World of Disney movie "Life-Size" and was recently seen on The Disney Channel in an original movie entitled "Get A Clue." A model since age 3, Lohan was featured in a long-running role on the daytime drama "Another World" and has appeared in over 60 commercials
  • . Last year, he directed the VH1 Original Movie "Warning: Parental Advisory." Andrew Gunn (Producer) recently produced Walt Disney Pictures' "The Country Bears." He is currently producing a feature based on "The Haunted Mansion" attraction at Disneyland that will star Eddie Murphy and be directed by Rob Minkoff and is scheduled to start shooting early in 2003


    The Celebrity Cafe: Freaky Friday

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    | Saturday July 01 2006 Sponsored Links Tickets Vitamins | : : : Freaky Friday Buy the DVD: Sponsored Links: Freaky Friday If I rated movies on a letter scale, this decade's spin on the old Disney classic, Freaky Friday, would get an "F"
  • . First done in 1976 starring Barbara Harris and Jodie Foster, then in 1995 on ABC's The Wonderful World of Disney with Shelley Long and Gaby Hoffman..
  • . Her performance is not quite as believable in mom-mode, but she seems to be well on her way to earning the role as the queen of the Disney remake
  • . Everything else is what average Disney pre-teen movies are made of

    WWWF Grudge Match: Adrian Cronauer vs. Dr. Johnny Fever
  • . Good Morning Vietnam, Robin Williams, here are those stats in particular so you can see why: Actor Likeability meter: a) Robin Williams: True, he may be to some people the most irritating and annoying person this side o Hollywood, but the one thing Robin has going for him is this: "The Disney Factor"
  • . It's a known fact that 90 percent of the time, if you do a disney movie, people will love you, say your a more kinder and gentler person, that sort of stuff

    IMDb: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
  • . Runtime: 152 min Country: / Language: Color: (Technicolor) Sound Mix: / / (8 channels) Certification: / (ABC Family) / / (Disney Channel) / (Alberta/British Columbia/Manitoba/Nova Scotia/Ontario) / / / / / / (Québec) / / / (w) / / / / / / / / / (original rating) / (re-rating) / (canton of Geneva) / (canton of Vaud) / / / / Trivia: By February 2002 this was the second highest grossing film worldwide after (1997)

    The Z Review: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
  • . Thursday 12th February 2004: Hithchiker's Guide to the Galaxy Update: Disney have signd up UK FX house Cinesite Europe to provide the 300 FX shots required for Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
  • . Disney were having problems understanding the script from reports, and what the motivation of the characters were
  • . I think this is one of the reasons that Disney maybe put Hitchhiker's on the back burner and used the much talked about strikes this year as an excuse to not make the movie

    TV Guide Online: Mary Poppins
  • . MARY POPPINS was producer Walt Disney's crowning achievement in a career that had earned him more Oscars than anyone else
  • . The memorable songs by Disney writers Richard and Robert Sherman include "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, " "Chim Chim Cher-ee, " and "A Spoonful of Sugar." Academy Award: Best Actress - Julie Andrews Best Film Editing - Cotton Warburton Best Original Score - Richard M

    Entertainment Zone: Matrix Sequels
  • . UPDATE: Futuristic Movie To Debut at Futuristic Hall 11 September 2003 The futuristic Walt Disney Concert Hall, which opens with an inaugural gala, on Oct

    Guide to the Mr. Moto Films
  • . In his later years, Foster helmed the Davy Crockett series for Disney which he also co-wrote

    UltimateDisney.com: Old Yeller
  • D review and pictures.
    | Old Yeller Vault Disney DVD Review Old Yeller Theatrical Release: December 25, 1957 / Running Time : 84 Minutes / Rating : G Director : Robert Stevenson Cast : Dorothy McGuire (Katie Coates), Fess Parker (Jim Coates), Tommy Kirk (Travis Coates), Kevin Corcoran (Arliss Coates), Jeff York (Bud Searcy), Chuck Connors (Burn Sanderson), Beverly Washburn (Libseth Searcy) UPDATE : This 2-disc Old Yeller : Vault Disney DVD was discontinued in 2005 to make way for Old Yeller : 2-Movie Collection , a 2-disc set containing the original film, all of its Vault Disney extras except for the audio commentary, and the 1963 sequel Savage Sam
  • . With great directing by Robert Stevenson (who provided many other great Disney live-action pictures, including Mary Poppins and The Love Bug ), it has a unanimously fantastic cast, in which every player is a scene-stealer
  • . Given the prime treatment on DVD as part of the wonderful Vault Disney collection, the lop-eared mongrel comes in a 2-disc set

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