Disney Stops Miramax From Releasing Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 911"

  • . "Walt Disney World receives the farming break on 1, 600 acres of pasture, timber and nurseries where it grows plants for its theme parks, " according to the AP stories

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  • . They told some great stories including a great one about Peter O'Toole jumping from bed to bed in a hotel room trying to convince Steven he should play TRON instead of Sark

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  • . He was inspired by Kipling's The Cat That Walked By Himself in the Just So Stories published in 1902

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  • . From cartooning to gag writing, from comedy writing to film scripts, from greeting cards to slogan writing, from product reviews to readers letters, from short stories to TV scripts, from brainteasers to television pitches..


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  • . I'm sure he's got some good stories and I'm looking forward to hearing them

    EMuck - Invited Talk With Mary Kay Bergman
  • . New talent that is good, depending on the agent, of course, that isn't yet in the union will get signed anyway, if they like you and don't have any other "conflicts" (other actors who are in your category of voice)." >< Next question: >< (Alice) How often you do feel one should practice/rehearse/workshop each week to keep vo skills honed and growing? >< >< Mickey says, "Alice is filled with questions, isn't she! ;-)" >< MaryKayBergman says, "That's okay, Alice...I feel it's important to read aloud every day, at least ." >< MaryKayBergman says, "Also, if you can, singing is a wonderful thing to practice, as well." >< MaryKayBergman says, "Playing with the Sunday comics can also be fun; Pick a character and give it a voice." >< MaryKayBergman says, "Volunteer to read to the blind, or to children's groups in your area." >< Mickey says, "What other kind of things do you read aloud and what do you sing? Do you read newspaper stories, for example, with your morning coffee?" >< MaryKayBergman says, "You can read from the newspaper, or a book -- anything, really!" >< MaryKayBergman says, "It doesn't matter what it is, just as long as you do it." >< Mickey hands Mary Kay a phone book

    Walt Disney Records: Bio of Goofy
  • . Because the needs of the daily and weekly Mickey Mouse strips quickly exhausted the situations, stories, and characters that had been created for the films, comic artist Floyd Gottfredson and his team of writers created new situations and adventures that, particularly in the case of Goofy, helped define and develop the characters and their personalities

    Furry Feature: Disney's Robin Hood
  • . Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse, Yogi Bear and the like Upon seeing Robin Hood , I realized for the first time that talking animals didn't have to be funny, that they could be used to tell dramatic stories
  • . They also published an almost bimonthly comic series featuring original stories that take place between events in the film

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    Mooviees: The Incredibles
  • . --Rick Kisonak (MovieWeb) Directed by The Iron Giant, Jack-Jack Attack, Ratatouille Written by *batteries not included, Amazing Stories, The Iron Giant Cast O Brother, Where Art Thou?, Raising Arizona, The Piano Pulp Fiction, Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith, Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones Dogma, Almost Famous, Vanilla Sky The Princess Bride, Toy Story, Toy Story 2 Rush Hour, Jacob's Ladder, Lone Star The Devil's Advocate, Poltergeist, The Killing Fields Music By Mission: Impossible III, Sky High, The Family Stone The Incredibles indicates a smidgeon of a decline in quality for Pixar, but it is certainly worth seeing, nevertheless

  • . The movie has spawned a short comic book ( Holiday Heroes ) and a Disney on Ice show ( A Magic Kingdom Adventure ), both featuring original stories showing the Incredibles on vacation until a disaster happens (in the comic, it is a ; in the show on ice, it is a "robot Syndrome")

    Encyclopedia: Ralph Bakshi
  • . Uncle Remus was the title and fictional narrator of a collection of stories by Joel Chandler Harris, published in book form from 1881; seven Uncle Remus books were published

    That Creeping Feeling
  • . He spends much of the afternoon dispensing stories about his days managing Kool and the Gang -- come 1995 he manages the careers of Pantera and Prong, bands as deeply involved as White Zombie in redefining the genre "metal" -- and skimming his reportedly deep catalog of dirty jokes


    Walter Crawford Kelly

  • . Editor Oskar Lebeck hired him to write and draw stories for Animal Comics , Our Gang , Fairy Tale Parade , Raggedy Ann&Andy , and Santa Claus Funnies
  • . He drew covers for a number of Disney titles, whose interior stories were sometimes produced by Carl Barks, the most celebrated artist behind Donald Duck

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  • . With titles like Uncle Pogo's So-So Stories and Pogo Stepmother Goose , these hearkened back to the Mother Goose Christmas and Easter specials from Dell Comics

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