Disney Stops Miramax From Releasing Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 911"

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    Movie Poop Shoot: French Surrenders to Home Alone 4
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    SciFlicks.com: Tron
  • . Don't forget to for sweet Tron collectibles! Tron Discussion Forum Latest topics and reviews discussed: HighWiredSith TRON to live again in the comics From Today: ..

    Tron Sector
  • . Fan Comic - 'Request Access to Clu Program' 05/08/2006 6:37 by Todd "" Washburn As many TRON fans have been enjoying and sharing their views on the new TRON comic -, some TRON fans enjoy working on their own fan made TRON comics


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    Animated Films
  • . Superman Dave and Max Fleischer, in an agreement with Paramount and DC Comics, also produced a series of seventeen Superman cartoons in the early 1940s
  • . As a final footnote, Fleischer Studios, after restructuring as Famous Studios by Paramount, also produced cartoons based on Harvey Comics characters, including over two dozen Little Lulu (Moppet) cartoons in the 40s, and over 50 Casper the Friendly Ghost cartoons that stretched into the 1950s (Casper made his debut in Izzy Sparber's cartoon short The Friendly Ghost (1945) )

    Mom at the Movies
  • lms rated G and PG are reviewed from a parent's perspective, with advice on whether the films are worth seeing.
    Have some fun! Visit for games, comics and

    Greenbriar Picture Shows
  • . Note the powerhouse panel of 1942 comics paying laughing tribute to the master for a trade ad (and how about that Abbott and Costello telegram endorsement!)

    Cartoon World
  • worldwide focal point for professional and aspiring cartoonists, publishers, collectors and enthusiasts interested in comics, cartoons, and animation to access information about all aspects of the cartoon art form.
    Search CARTOON WORLD HOME > > > > > > > > > Site Overview Welcome to Cartoon World the place to exhibit your work, check out cartoon competitions and exhibitions, cartooning courses, news and advice and view and buy contemporary and classic comic strips and original cartoon art
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    Cartoon Brew
  • . Cartoon Brew: What is it specifically about the THIEF AND THE COBBLER that inspired you to invest so much of your time and money to restore this film? Garrett Gilchrist: When I was seven years old, I read an article in COMICS SCENE magazine, and in it, Williams said he was trying to revolutionize animation, that he was trying to create the greatest animated motion picture ever made, and that he'd been working for twenty-three years on this one film called THE THIEF AND THE COBBLER

    Toon Zone
  • ily updated animation, cartoons and comics-related entertainment news, reviews, and DVD details
  • . Several pages of black-and-white artwork are included with the article, and is available at Mile High Comics
  • . Reported by Ace the Bathound on 06-29-2006 2:49 PM Mile High Comics has posted, including DC's by Mike McAvennie, Leigh Gallagher, and Jesse Delperdang and starring the Royal Flush Gang; and Marvel's by Dwayne McDuffie and Scott Kolins

    EMuck - Invited Talk With Mary Kay Bergman
  • . New talent that is good, depending on the agent, of course, that isn't yet in the union will get signed anyway, if they like you and don't have any other "conflicts" (other actors who are in your category of voice)." >< Next question: >< (Alice) How often you do feel one should practice/rehearse/workshop each week to keep vo skills honed and growing? >< >< Mickey says, "Alice is filled with questions, isn't she! ;-)" >< MaryKayBergman says, "That's okay, Alice...I feel it's important to read aloud every day, at least ." >< MaryKayBergman says, "Also, if you can, singing is a wonderful thing to practice, as well." >< MaryKayBergman says, "Playing with the Sunday comics can also be fun; Pick a character and give it a voice." >< MaryKayBergman says, "Volunteer to read to the blind, or to children's groups in your area." >< Mickey says, "What other kind of things do you read aloud and what do you sing? Do you read newspaper stories, for example, with your morning coffee?" >< MaryKayBergman says, "You can read from the newspaper, or a book -- anything, really!" >< MaryKayBergman says, "It doesn't matter what it is, just as long as you do it." >< Mickey hands Mary Kay a phone book

    How Do I Break Into Cartoon Voice Work?
  • . His "voice characterizations, " as the credits called them, were rounded, fully-developed personalities — with comic timing and delivery as skilled as the best radio comics of the day


    Dreamland Japan

  • . Schodt "The definitive survey of the Japanese comic book mindscape and one of the great books published in 1996." Alvin Lu, San Francisco Bay Guardian , March 22, 1997 Written by Fred Schodt, author of the classic Manga! Manga! The World of Japanese Comics
  • . Fred's first book on Japanese comics was published way back in 1983, so this recognition is both well deserved and long overdue
  • . It is generally agreed that no one writes more knowledgeably in English about Japanese comics than Fred Schodt
  • . Schodt by Helen McCarthy by Ryan Omega Special excerpt from Dreamland Japan "Osamu Tezuka's 'Lion King'" Editor's note: The Disney hit movie The Lion King borrowed heavily from a manga and film created by Osamu Tezuka, Japan's "God of Comics." The Disney company denies any borrowing took place at all, but that defense is ridiculous
  • . animation and comics industries

    Anime Versus American Animation
  • . My house was full of comics when I was a schoolboy

    Juan F. Lara's Home Page o' Links
  • . The - Rich's message board for discussion of the comics and film and TV cartoons
  • . - Gilles maintains an excellent source of information on Disney Comics published overseas

    Walt Disney Records: Bio of Goofy
  • . Most recently, he starred in a limited comic series, Goofy Adventures , from Disney Comics

    Animated Heroines
  • . Hypertext encyclopedia of comics, animation and other forms of cartoonery Search for in Copyright © 2001-2006 WebRing, Inc

    The Looney Tunes Ring
  • . Animated Looney Tune E-cards! Hypertext encyclopedia of comics, animation and other forms of cartoonery A resource for fans of that boisterous barnyard fowl Foghorn Leghorn and his co-stars ( Henery Hawk, Barnyard Dog, Miss Prissy etc)

    CBUB Fights: Bugs Bunny vs. Mickey Mouse
  • . there can be only one! The rabbit is gonna have to kick some cutesy woopass tonight! Let's face it the meanest thing Mickey could pull together would be pluto or perhaps Chip and Dale (those two are bastards!) but there no match for Yosemite Sam and The Taz-man! Bugs has just gotta send these boys out there and the mouskateers are history! Let's just say they wish they had made the right turn back in Toledo! David Gerstein writes: Pity most Americans aren't familiar with Mickey as he's depicted in the comics

    Samantha's Fan Page
  • . Here in the U.K we are still waiting for its release, but I've got my copy ;-) and I think its great, I love princess Melody she's really mischievous like her mum! I am mad about Ariel and collect Little Mermaid Mer- chandise , You know dolls, books, the videos, games, comics ect...

    http://digilander.libero.it/all_disney/ @CallCenter